2022.01.28 02:35 Head_Fun6490 bidoof_irl

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2022.01.28 02:35 DamnatioAdCicadas A question relating to this cryptarithm

Hello learnmath. I was reading about this cryptarithm, being SEND+MORE=MONEY. I was watching a video on it, and I was stumped by this part.
"To begin, start in the 5th column. Since 9999 + 9999 < 20000, we must have M = 1.
Then go to the 4th column. Since 999 + 999 < 2000, we either have 1 + S + 1 = O + 10, or S + 1 = O + 10, meaning S = O + 8 or S = O + 9, and O = 0 or 1. *Since S is a single digit, and M = 1, we must have O = 0*.
I don't understand the connection between S being a single digit and O being 0. It's wracked my brain.
Can someone help me out with this?
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2022.01.28 02:35 OlliverHart Questions about CNFT & Yoroi Wallet with Ledger

EDIT: Reposting this here to see if anyone can clarify.
Hi All, This might sound like a dumb question, so I apologize in advance. From what I’ve gathered so far, most NFT marketplaces for Cardano aren’t supporting Yoroi Wallet/Daedalus at the moment, everything seems to be CCVault or Nami. For the sake of argument, though, let’s suppose that a marketplace like CNFT supported Yoroi Wallet. If one were storing ADA on a Ledger device and using Yoroi as their UI, if one connected one’s wallet address to CNFT, any transaction towards buying/selling an NFT would still have to be verified through the use of one’s Ledger device, correct? Just wanted some clarification.
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2022.01.28 02:35 OkOkra2095 Update Zeit-Coin Jack x Miles

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2022.01.28 02:35 wildthottie [Academic] Pregnant and Postpartum Mental Health (Canadians)

Hi there,
I am a fourth year student in Health Sciences. For my thesis, I am following pregnant or (up to 1 year) postpartum women to explore predictors of mental health disorder. This is a completely online study where you complete questionnaires at various points of pregnancy/postpartum. These take 15-45 minutes!
If you are over 18 and pregnant/postpartum in Canada and would be interested in participating, please email me at [](!
This study has received approval from the Hamilton Integrated Research Ethics Board. It is important to me that you are making an informed decision to join this study. Once you reach out to me, we will begin a formal screening and consent process over the phone before enrolling you.
Thank you,
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2022.01.28 02:35 kessler_explosions Lost Origins podcast gone?

I only recently found the Lost Origins podcast but it seems they suddenly stopped production after S4E1, anyone know what happened (besides covid) - any news or updates about the show?
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2022.01.28 02:35 bradywarp Hey, I got this cabin done on my hand recently and I really love the tattoo however my mind seems to flip flop over the blue roof and I'm not sure how I feel about it. Is it out of the realm of possibility to get the blue covered over by a different colour or would it be best to leave it? Thanks!

Hey, I got this cabin done on my hand recently and I really love the tattoo however my mind seems to flip flop over the blue roof and I'm not sure how I feel about it. Is it out of the realm of possibility to get the blue covered over by a different colour or would it be best to leave it? Thanks! submitted by bradywarp to tattoo [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 02:35 inscryption_stoat Player gone missing.

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2022.01.28 02:35 Cush_Spiral_Out76 Where does my air drop deposit?

I see I received 12 drip from my Buddy but I do ya see that reflected in my deposits. When will I see that?
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2022.01.28 02:35 mcsmg28 Does anybody else have trouble with slow maps (<14 speed)?

I feel like I literally cannot hit the notes, I just swing way to early. I can easily do any map 20+ speed on expert+, but on these slow maps I just can't get the timing right. I think it could be down to the fact that I play wirelessly with virtual desktop, so on fast maps i'm subconsciously swinging a few ms before I actually need to. I'm not sure if thats what causes it, but it makes 90% of maps unplayable
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2022.01.28 02:35 tarot806 Significado de soñar con Abandono - Interpretación de los sueños

Significado de soñar con Abandono - Interpretación de los sueños Soñar que estás abandonado sugiere que es hora de dejar atrás sentimientos y características del pasado que obstaculizan tu crecimiento. Deja ir tus viejas actitudes. Una interpretación más directa y literal de este sueño indica que tienes miedo de ser abandonado, abandonado o incluso traicionado. Puede deberse a una pérdida reciente o al miedo a perder a un ser querido. El miedo al abandono puede manifestarse en su sueño como parte del proceso de curación y de lidiar con la pérdida de un ser querido. También puede deberse a sentimientos no resueltos o problemas de la niñez. Alternativamente, el sueño indica que se siente descuidado o que se pasan por alto sus sentimientos. Quizás el sueño sea una metáfora de que necesitas afrontar la vida con un abandono imprudente y vivir con más libertad. Abandonar a otros en tu sueño sugiere que estás abrumado por los problemas y las decisiones de tu vida
El significado que tienen puede ser positivo y negativo, dependiendo los detalles de nuestro sueño y el sentimiento general que teníamos en él.
Supongo que en las cartas tarot tota. Las tarjetas me informarán sobre su situación actual y revelarán el futuro. Además, soy psicóloga familiar e infantil. Ayudaré a construir relaciones en su familia.
Llamanos para leerte el tarot: ❤️ (☎):
  • ◉ ESPAÑA: +34 932 995 463 / 806 499 472
  • ◉ MEXICO: +52 55 84 21 13 51
  • ◉ USA: +1 21 37 84 79 82
  • ◉ COLOMBIA: +57 15 08 73 39
  • ◉ ARGENTINA: +54 11 59 84 40 88

Significado de soñar con Abandono - Interpretación de los sueños
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2022.01.28 02:35 Wyoming-Wind Faction Breakdown! Part 2

Welcome back! This time I'm going over the warscroll subfactions, starting with the Freeguild and Collegiate forces. As before a lot of this will be subjective, especially since point value is a big part of what makes a unit good or bad.
Freeguild General: (100pts) Like most of our foot heroes his stats are decent. In a fight he's comparable to an upgraded unit champion, so not amazing. His real value is buffing. His passive aura gives Freeguild units +1 bravery, which is helpful considering the infantry he supports typically has poor bravery. That said you'll be better off most of the time finding some way to ignore bravery checks all together. His CA though is very good. It goes off in the hero phase and let's you pick up to three units to get +1 to hit/wound until they make a normal move/charge. This plays well into the Freeguild's infantry style of "stand and receive". This synergizes very well into Freeguild Guard objective camping or the crossbows and handguns supporting your main line. Conveniently the CA rewards MSU, and the infantry shooting units are battleline. Along with the other hero he unlocks Demigryph Knights and Greatswords as battleline if your actual general.
Freeguild General on Griffon: (290) This model got some huge buffs recently in the form of a mount trait from Whit Dwarf (issue 470) and a significant points decrease. The mount trait (universal to the entire faction) says that once per game on a 2+ when he would die, you instead pick him up and deepstrike him and he now has d3 wounds remaining. A fantastic boost to his durability especially with the changes to Heroic Recovery and Amulet of Destiny. Offensively the griffon is great, the claws don't have great rend bit start with a respectable number of attacks and the beak is brutal. As for the rider your choice of weapon depends on what you want. The lance is great on the charge but the 4+ to wound kills it for me. The hammer is your all-rounder choice, good rend and reliable damage. The sword has a significant amount of attacks so while not impressive on its own it combos well with command traits and artifacts that enhance a weapon. His command ability is interesting, gives Freeguild units within 12" +1 to charge and +1 to hit in the following combat phase. This gives your units very reliable charges (when combined with the musicians) and still lets you use CA on those units in the combat phase. Very nice combined with Demigryph Knights and Greatswords. I almost forgot, but he also has an aura that gives enemy units -1 bravery. I almost never remember this one but once in a while it removes an extra model or forces an opponent to spend a CP they didn't want to.
Freeguild Guard: (85) Cheap is the name of the game here. Weapon choice can define their role to a point but these guys won't be your damage dealers or anvils. Instead these boys thrive as backline objective holders and very cheap screens. The sword and shield can be a default defensive option, they won't take serious damage and survive but your opponent will almost always spend more resources killing them than you spent throwing them away. Halberds have a decent attack profile, mostly limited by only getting one attack per model. Spears have an anti-charge rule that would be great, if there was a snowball's chance in Aqshy of there being any left alive to hit the unit that hit them. They get +1 to hit with 10 or more models in the unit, but with their 5+ save and bravery 5 (6 with a banner) I would say a reinforced unit isn't worth it. It may seem like I'm being very critical of this unit but really one or two units is always a good pick. Leave them behind your army to hold objectives/screen out deepstrike or chuck them out in front to buy your objective holders another round of scoring without your opponent's damage dealers in their face.
Freeguild Crossbows: (105) These are low-key amazing units. The crossbows have great range (24") and while they don't have rend, if they didn't move, have 10+ models and no enemy models within 3 they get two attacks each. This means a basic unit of ten can easily dump 20 attacks into a target. Combined with the Freeguild General CA those attacks have a 3+/2+ to hit/wound! Twenty or so of these dumping on a target can turn even durable armies into pincushions. With a bargain price of (at the time of writing) 105pts it very easy to reinforce this unit and still have plenty of points left over.
Freeguild Handgunners: (105) Also low-key awesome. This unit has a shorter range (16") but get rend -1. In addition their stand and shoot rule gives them +1 to hit instead of an extra shot. They also have a rule that lets them Unleash Hell for free if an enemy finished a charge within 3". The unit champion can pick some special weapons, the repeater handgun for extra shots, or the long rifle to ping wounds off characters. Possibly dangerous to enemy heroes if you have multiple units. Interestingly their +1 to hit rule can be active when shooting for Unleash Hell if you're >3" away, and at that point the General's CA starts to look very tasty.
Freeguild Greatswords: (150) This is where we get to the spicy stuff. 4+ save, two attacks per model at 3+/3+/-1/1. Each 6 to hit does a mortal wound in addition. Any Freeguild hero within 18" gives them +1 to hit. Expensive, but an absolute hammer of a unit. Even just the ten models can make it a huge threat to all but the most durable units within whacking range. Combined with their pretty good armor save these guys love to dive in to the fight. With that price tag though be ready to protect them, and make sure you're getting your money's worth out of them.
Freeguild Outriders: (110) These are a cheap, fast unit that can screen deepstrike, threaten unattended objectives and chip a little damage off of bigger units. They can run+shoot and retreat+shoot, and they get an extra attack with their gun if >3" away from enemies. This unit don't want to get bogged down. The biggest flaw is that they hit on a 5+. Even with a bonus to hit they can't do better than a 4+. Not terrible, bit not amazing either.
Freeguild Pistoleers: (105) This is an... interesting unit. While their range is much shorter than the Outriders their shooting is significantly better. The reroll run and charge rolls, and get an extra round of shooting when they charge. They're also quite fragile and hilariously bad in melee. So if their charge/shoot combo doesn't wipe out the enemy they're getting wiped by the inevitable clap-back. I could see them following behind other units and providing supporting fire similar to the Handgunners and for the same cost, or circling around to blast a vulnerable support unit or objective holders from the rear.
Collegiate Arcane
Battlemage: (115) This is a bread and butter unit. Even if your city of choice has garbage spell selection these guys can be awesome. Pick a native realm to choose between one of eight (!) warscroll spells. Even the weakest of them is pretty good and some of them open up some very creative options. These models are almost always a great pick. Choose Ghur for enhancing your mobility, Azyr or Aqshy for mortal wounds, Chamon or Ulgu to slow the enemy, Hysh or Ghyran for defense, or Shyish for a bravery debuff (-2) that isn't totally useless! (Combo with the General on Griffon or Dark Riders for an easy -3. Against an army that never expected to need battleshock immunity it's... not bad if you also summon the Horrorgeist. A lot of work but hilarious, and possibly the one time an opponent won't begrudge losing models to bravery.) Also due to a rule left over from 2E a Battlemage of Ghur currently gets a permanent +1 to cast from the Magic of the Realms rule.
Celestial Hurricanum (with celestial battlemage): (230/280) This one is an odd combination of buff wagon and artillery piece. It gives out a +1 to hit and a +1 to casting rolls for Collegiate wizards. If the Azurite wizard is on board you also get two MW spells. In addition, the shooting attack can output some impressive MW as well. When placed behind your main forces this can be a major force multiplier and the hero version can drop serious damage. This is one of the more powerful models we have, especially when the hero version is given a command trait or artifact. Hands down the most brutal Unleash Hell you can use the CA on.
Luminark of Hysh (with white battlemage): (220/270) also an interesting combination of defensive buffs and MW. It's aura gives out a 6+ ward and Collegiate wizards get +1 to unbinding rolls. It's shooting attack does a line of MW and it's two spells are split between damage and defense. Unfortunately the defensive options aren't very strong and the damage tends to be less than the Hurricanum. Not necessarily bad, but I would recommend the other one over the Luminark.
Battlemage on Griffon: (255) Once again the mount trait and point drops put this unit in a much better place than before. While the griffon does respectable damage the model's 5+ save and lack of a competent rider make this not well suited for fighting anything that can fight back. However it's warscroll spells make it a serious support unit with far more mobility and durability than the standard battlemage. It also gets a +1 to cast while in Ghur (which is where all matched play games are right now). If he has the new mount trait then he could also be quite annoying to remove. A durable support unit is nothing to sneeze at.
That's all for now. If you have anything you'd like to add or disagree with I'd love to hear it! What strategies have worked for you? Until next time!
Faith, steel, and gunpowder! That is all we need to drive back the darkness!
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2022.01.28 02:35 vwxyl heres my three frogs!

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2022.01.28 02:35 Burlyteka Hello friends, I just made this post to tell you that I have a small collection of whales, it will be 100 rare pixelated whales

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2022.01.28 02:35 sjoskog Fyrtur remote control updates never finish

Hi there,
I know this has been asked already few times here but because I could not find a solution, let's try again.
As a starting point, I have had the Tradfri gw for about year controlling some lamps and Symfonisk lamp/speaker. They have been working perfectly but if I remember correctly, the start was a pretty challenging. The remote control (hockey puck style) was _very_ difficult to pair with the gw (I think the key was to keep the puck very, very close and exact on the right spot on the gw to get it paired). However, once done, it has worked well.
Now, year later I decided to expand this system a bit and purchased two Fyrtur blinds. The installation went pretty well, remote, repeater and the blinds were paired together but then the nightmare started:
I was able to get the blinds once down and up and then the remote went quiet. Like totally dead. Took a while to check the app which told that the remote controls are about to be updated. Version shown is 2.2.010 (not sure if this is the current version or the new version to be installed). However, the update has been ongoing now for three days and I've tried everything I can figure out, like:
1) Keep the remote _very_ close to the gw all the time
2) Restart gw
3) Take off battery from the remote
4) Replace the battery with a fresh one from a well known manufacturer
5) Be patient
However nothing seems to help and I'm left with two blinds which I'm able to control only by pressing those small buttons next to the battery cradle. Apparently the remote is not able to control the blinds when under upgrade. I even tried to contact Ikea's customer services but at least until now they haven't responded anything.
Before unmounting the blinds and returning them to Ikea, is there any good last minute advice what on earth could be done?
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2022.01.28 02:35 JoshuvaDuraiSingh Sap MM Module Interview Expoure Need

I am looking for a career in SAP. To start with, I have 7 years of mechanical experience. I am undergoing SAP training in India from a freelancer. However, I would like to get interview exposure in the MM module. Can I get any help from this subred to start a career in SAP?
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2022.01.28 02:35 James_W16 Anyone know of a really good card store in San Antonio? I know of a few but what’s the best ones for biggest selection of sealed and single Pokémon cards? Any feedback would be great!

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2022.01.28 02:35 JamesTadhg The Island Tastes Like Chicken: A Survival LitRPG (Not Grimdark)

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2022.01.28 02:35 bigboss1999x Yellow duo now has lights

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2022.01.28 02:35 PuppyLover77 Win a Hernest Massage Chair!($1,799 Value) {US} (04/07/2022)

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2022.01.28 02:35 LetterOpening 🅿️

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2022.01.28 02:35 boredcurrentl you ever just __________

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2022.01.28 02:35 fkateisback F21 What about 🌚

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2022.01.28 02:35 PkmnTr4nr Is there a dog-friendly airline?

I’m wondering if there’s an airline that’s dog friendly or emotional support animal friendly? It seems like a lot of them have banned emotional support animals.
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2022.01.28 02:35 Haunting-Solid4712 Merda

Agro é tech
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