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Looking for Co living spaces in Mangalore

2022.01.28 03:11 zen_dhanej Looking for Co living spaces in Mangalore

Hey everyone ! I’ll be moving to Mangalore for around 2-3 months for work related stuff, so need a place to live that takes care of the food and the daily maintenance maybe something like a co living space. Do we have any of those around the city centre? Looking for advice, thanks.
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2022.01.28 03:11 InternetCowboy8273 How do I (m18) get out of something online before its serious?

I met someone online on the other side of the world, and and I know that if I keep talking to them I will catch feelings for them, which I don't want. So like should I just say like "hey, you're nice and all, but I don't want to catch feelings" and end it? I have tried long distance before and its miserable, i dont want to put myself through that again.
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2022.01.28 03:11 Muted-Bug-305 Do I need to be worried about my roof for this storm?

Is a roof that has had minor leaks/cracks in the past in danger after 2ft of snow + rain?
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2022.01.28 03:11 Shoban_Gunzeye To help change lives.

I'm looking for $350,000 dollars to build a demolition company that goes in after natural disasters and cleans up properties.. I'm also Hiring if this dream cones true. 1love
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2022.01.28 03:11 AyayeDude average Hummel enjoyer

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2022.01.28 03:11 hazzehole Should i upgrade gpu or pcu first?

Hello! Looking for new upgrades to my computer but my economy aint good enough to buy it all at the same time. Should i start with a new gpu or cpu? My motherboard can only read 2133mhz ram atm.
Specs: 1060 sc 6gb I7 6700 32gb ram 3600mhz Ssd 550w psu
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2022.01.28 03:11 Exover1 Just weed and gaming

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2022.01.28 03:11 thatonecoolguyhec8 1st season

Does anyone else just really enjoy the first season? I find that the introduction to the gang is just honestly some of the funniest shit lol From Mac trying desperately to prove he's not just being racist, to charlie having to act like he got molested and Dennis and dee just being bad people naturally it's just so funny to rewatch to me lol I definitely enjoy later seasons a lot but I can't stand when people skip the 1st season
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2022.01.28 03:11 Mashwishi We are giving away our new #NFT release seed #3259086997

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2022.01.28 03:11 RomeoTessaract I can't make you unhear my most awful, and you can't make me unlive your most awful.

At least with recording one can delete, forgive and try to forget. I can't delete my lost years, I can not forget I have no home.
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2022.01.28 03:11 MB_009 so, what do you think?

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2022.01.28 03:11 Dignan17 Will a battery adapter hurt my DeWalt batteries?

I'm a total DeWalt fan boy, but I'm sad to say Thai there's some battery powered tools that they just don't make, so I have to look elsewhere.
As much as I despise the green color, I'm going to have some Ryobi tools soon, starting with a Devour I found on eBay, followed shortly by a cordless hot glue gun, then looking into a pin nailer.
Rather than invest in another battery system, I'd like to try some adapters for the many DeWalt batteries I already have. Is this a bad idea? Have any of you had bad experiences with battery adapters?
I plan on using my older batteries first so if I screw them up it's not as much loss 😅
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2022.01.28 03:11 5zp1 Duo back at it again, obsessing about death...

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2022.01.28 03:11 Space-Monkey_ How deal with my friends? I want to do something other than just getting drunk or high.

Im a Senior in high school right now, I live in a small town and there isn’t much to do. Maybe its because we live in a small town or maybe its because were high schoolers thinking this is whats fun. I wont lie I do like getting a little high sometimes. But lately I’ve been getting bored and almost uncomfortable just getting drunk or high when I hang out with my friends. Its all they want to do it seems like. Even worse, they don’t care about driving around while they’re intoxicated, and thats something Im most definitely not comfortable with. I hear them talk about it or make plans for just getting fucked up and kind of I cringe on the inside. Is it time for me to make new friends? There are a few that would call me a pussy if I don’t drink, I don’t really care what they think. There are also a few that are supportive in my decision of not wanting to do that all the time and can vibe either way. Im just sort of fed up of just being surrounded with that. Nowadays it seems like my girlfriend is my only friend I feel like hanging out with because we actually do stuff. My friends just like to “get high/drunk and chill.” Like I said I don’t mind getting a little messed up but its like when I do, at the spur of the moment they want to drive to taco bell or something. I like being included if they are doing that sometimes but I don’t like when they do stupid things that could jeopardize my future. I don’t really know what Im looking for on here but I kind of just wanted to get this out before I go to sleep because Im not sure how to handle it.
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2022.01.28 03:11 tapo Dozens of U.S. states say Apple stifles competition; back 'Fortnite' maker

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2022.01.28 03:11 DeBRUHHHHH Evelyn Rose or Rose Evelyn?

View Poll
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2022.01.28 03:11 NumberoneCalliefan_ I would want to see this as a shirt design

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2022.01.28 03:11 0cana Which subreddits are bleaker, more pessimistic about COVID-19 — and long term effects — barring r/collapse?

On January 27 2022, the U.K. ended its mask mandate. Some people are way too Pollyann-ish about COVID-19!
Apart from collapse, which bleaker, gloomier subreddits worry more about COVID-19 and its long term effects?
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2022.01.28 03:11 PudgTV1 Genuine question

What the hell is this subreddit? I am so lost someone please help me understand 😂 like do you guys hate or love this shitty podcast?
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2022.01.28 03:11 Robinjo1985 H.E.R. Talks Music, Grammys, and Her Acting Debut

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2022.01.28 03:11 bluepear18 Unused strings in ME:C reveal a LOT of information on multiple cut missions and features!

After searching through zhpete's spreadsheet of MEC Strings, I noticed a couple of lines of dialogue that I've never seen before which in turn revealed a ton of cut content. The strings were in a random order so my attempt to organize them may be incomplete and/or incorrect.
What follows is everything I have managed to gather and put together that will hopefully reveal an insight on the additional lore and story content that was unfinished or scrapped.
Mission from Dogen Presumably becomes available after the mission, Benefactor.

Dogen: Faith. While we await our settlement I have another task for you. One that pays.
Faith: Sure. But let’s keep Noah out of this, OK?
Dogen: Yes. This won’t challenge your morals. I need you to find someone for me.
Faith: Who?
Dogen: A ... friend. I haven’t heard from her in a long time, and then I got a cryptic missive the other day which states that she’s in some sort of trouble. My people usually deal with these things, but I want to keep this one closer to myself.
(Message, maybe audio) Nanda: Dogen. The name is strange to me, but I understand that this is what you call yourself these days. There is so much to say, but now is not the time. Though I would have wished for us to reunite under different circumstances, the fact is that I am in deep trouble and it seems I have exhausted all my options but one: you. The Conglomerate sees all, so I must be vague. Come seek me in Silver Pond in Anchor. I dwell where all streams end and begin anew. The whispering water will guide you.
Dogen was contacted by his long lost sister, but the message is cryptic and vague. Dogen needs you to find clues to figure out what happened to her.
Dogen: The note is rather poetic. She always had a way with words. I thought she was dead, but it’s obvious to me now that she chose to stay away.
Dogen: She must be desperate, coming to me, considering why she left all those years ago. I wish ...
Dogen: She was always the dreamer. The one with hope. Maybe I eroded that in her. Maybe that’s why she left.
Dogen: In life some people change you through their presence, and some through their absence. She has done both to me, Faith.
Dogen: Silver Pond is one of the up-and-coming neighborhoods. Very current. I wonder why she is hiding there. I wonder why she is hiding at all.
Dogen: The note speaks of water and streams. A riddle. She used to love riddles ...
Dogen: As I said, you will be paid. I’ll update your Beat with the note and where it was sent from. Keep me posted.
Dogen: Head to the location I marked on your map. I think the first clue is somwhere around there.
Investigate the area on the map for the first clue
Found the first clue
Faith: I think I found the place, but there’s not much here. Only another note.
Dogen: Send it to me.
(Message) Nanda: They are on to me. Must change location. Dogen, if you find this know that I’m still alive, but I don’t know for how much longer. She will not suffer me to live, knowing what I know now.I am aware that you have been looking for me, and two years ago you came close, but I stayed hidden out of fear for what you have become, of what you were turning into already when I left. Now it seems I have no other choice but to face the man you’ve grown into.I have another hiding place where the hiCaste practice their hedonism, near the tower of Babel. Follow the mechanical breaths of the city. Deep in the industrial lungs you’ll find me.
Investigate the area on the map for the second clue
Dogen: I suspect the tower of Babel refers to the Anansi Emporium, with which you should be very familiar by now. That must mean she’s somewhere in Liberty Point in Anchor.
Dogen: When we were young she ... tempered me. She was my conscience, and in many ways I’m better off without it, but ... I wonder about this piece of knowledge she claims to have acquired. And who this woman is who would kill her for it.
Dogen: You’ll find her deep in the industrial lungs. Follow the mechanical breath. Must have to do with air flow of some kind.
Found the second clue
Faith: Found it. She’s not here, but there’s another note.
Dogen: Send it.
(Message) Nanda: I’m not safe anywhere. On the one hand there’s KrugerSec, and on the other there’s her and her people. Those who should know what she really is, but who I fear would reject that fact as preposterous. I left you because I wanted to change the Conglomerate and the City. Even as a child I held on the hope of a different world, the one Martin Connors used to speak of before they killed him. It tore me apart witnessing you succumb to the reality we lived in. To see how it corrupted you.KrugerSec are here and I must go. One last attempt at finding refuge and the hope that you’ll find me there before it’s too late. No need to go far. Seek the dragon. I dwell in its fiery belly, beneath the burning path.
Investigate the area on the map for the last clue
Dogen: Somewhere nearby. The dragon. I am stumped, Faith. I hope you’re riddle skills are stronger than mine. They’re obviously on to her. Time is of the essence.
Dogen: She claims to dwell in the fiery belly of the Dragon. That could just as well refer to her being in constant danger. Do you see anything connected with fire around there?
Faith: Found it. Also empty. I’m sorry Dogen.
Dogen: Is there another note, maybe?
Faith: There is, I’ve sent it.
Found the last clue. Dogen needs time to put the peices together and will let you know what he finds
(Message) Nanda: Dogen, I have found a way. Or rather - a way has found me. I will be safe, and I apologize for leading you on this fool’s errand. Something tells me we will meet again, but not yet. In the meantime, be safe, my brother. You are always in my thoughts.Nanda.
Dogen: Well ... she’s alive. That’s all that matters. Thank you for doing this, Faith. You of all people should understand the importance of family. I trust you to keep this to yourself. Sufficient scrip has been transferred to you.
From this mission, more is learned about Nanda and how she is described as Dogen's sister, not lover, but this was probably changed later on. This also goes hand-in-hand with the recordings, Paths Diverged, where Nanda discovers something big and does not want Rebecca to get her hands on it, putting herself in trouble as a result.
Missions from Nomad It appears that Nomad was going to have more side missions, but for whatever reason was not implemented.
Diversion mission 1:
Nomad: Faith, I got a thing cooking. Could use some help.
Nomad: So I’m planning a prank on KrugerSec. Gonna do some replumbing in one of their security posts. But I need them gone while I do it. Can you keep them busy?
Nomad: Two urinals “fixed”. Moving on to the ladies rest rooms.
(Failed) Nomad: No, I’m not done here, damn it! Ah, well - maybe next time.
Nomad: I’m out! Next time they go to relieve themselves they’ll be a bit surprised. They piss on us, and we piss right back, in a way. Thanks for the help, Faith.
Diversion mission 2:
Nomad: Hey, Faith - could you help me out?
Nomad: So I was planning to liberate Anansi of some much needed painting supplies, but KrugerSec are watching this particular store like hawks. Think you can distract them?
Nomad: Great! I got my tools and I’m climbing in right now.
Nomad: I got almost everything I need. Just a few more cans.
Nomad: Need to pick up some soap too. Almost done.
(Failed) Nomad: They’re back! I didn’t get everything I need. Maybe I can get that painting done with just orange and teal …
Nomad: And I’m out! Thanks a bunch, Faith. I’ve sent a little scrip to you. Token of my gratitude and all that.
Additional dialog:
(Nomad) Thank you. That tat of yours really look just like the stencil.
Faith: What stencil?Nomad? What stencil?
Nomad: Ah, I wanted to do a sort of memento of you, and, eh ...
Nomad: You’ll like the stencil when you see it! And did I say that you’re great!? Talk more soon!
Possible idle lines:
Nomad: Don’t worry. It’s perfectly safe.
Nomad: I know you like me, but shouldn’t you get going?
Scrapped Kingdom Missions Some lines imply that Kingdom was possibly going to have an entirely different objective.
As the first stage of the plan to break into Kingdom, your mission is to break into the offices of Silvine Systems; one of the contractors who designed the facility. A failsafe will destroy the data if the system is alerted to a security breach so you must remain undetected until the data has been retrieved. Once you have the data you can trigger any alarm systems in your escape. Once you have entered the building use the alarm system back up landline to contact Plastic for more instructions.
Steal Blueprints from Kingdom High Security Facility
Contact Plastic on landline.
Forum Building Mission Not sure what this is for..
Break into the Forum building and plant a bug that will reveal the true nature of that corporation.
Get to the Forum building.
Runner Interactions for Billboards, Dashes, Beat LEs, Combat? It seems like other runners, including Icarus, could challenge you to a dash or some other challenges.
Runner: I got a challenge for you.Reach that. Took me all day, but I left my mark there. I’m sure you can’t do it.
Icarus: Did you just hack that billboard, Faith? I didn’t peg you for a subversive.
Icarus: Faith, I got a dash for you. One of my favorites. Up for a challenge?
Icarus: I got a dash that should challenge you, Faith. It’s one of my favorites. Think you can beat my time?
Icarus: Faith, if you can beat my time on this dash I’ll promise to shut up about you being fresh and all.
Icarus: Come on. I want to see what you can do.
Noah: I’m sure you can beat Icarus if you just keep practicing, Faith.
Icarus: Hey, let’s all just accept that I’m the better runner.
Icarus: Not bad, Faith. Not as good as me, but still - not bad.
Icarus: Damn, that’s impressive …
Icarus: Nice move ...
Icarus: Woah. You’re fast, Faith, I’ll give you that. Impressive.
Icarus: I guess Noah really meant it when he called you the best runner out there.
Icarus: OK, Faith, I’ll hand it to you. You’re better than me.
Icarus: Damn, I couldn’t do that …
Icarus: I see your time, Faith. Guess your time in juvie “reformed” you after all.
Icarus: Faith just showed them a thing or two about fighting, is all.
Cut Dialog from Release Before fighting the combat echoes at the beginning of the game, Faith meets Icarus in an abandoned runner lair. There appears to be extra dialog talking about this room.
Icarus: I’m at Orion. Looks like an old runner safe house. What happened here?
Icarus: I didn’t even know about this place, what happened here?
Noah: Remember the Orion Safe House? That cabal was wiped out because they overstepped their bounds.
Noah: The cabal living there was raided by K-Sec about a year ago. Rumor has it they did one too many runs for Black November.
Noah: Must be residual security feed. The cabal living there was raided by K-Sec about a year ago. Could be what you’re seeing.
Reputation System During development, there was a mechanic called Reputation that would need to be built up in order to progress in the story. It was later scrapped but remnants still remain in the code, including some text.
You just increased Faiths reputation. The runners community, security forces or civilians in the city will notice when Faith does something noteworthy. This is represented as reputation and is saved to the player profile. Faiths reputation can be viewed in the map screen.
You need to prove yourself to Noah and the rest of your runner cabal. Gain REPUTATION by completing SIDE MISSIONS, DASHES, collecting GRIDLEAKS and making the right choices during OPPORTUNITY EVENTS.
Run around the city and do good deeds to become someone important enough to do event better deeds.
There is also a lot of dialog for missions that already exist but are slightly different than the final version. There's even some strings leftover from the beta and gameplay trailer versions.
Discovering all this content that I've never seen before brings back the excitement of playing the game for the first time and I hope this post helps spread this same feeling to everyone reading it :D
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2022.01.28 03:11 TheAmbiguousAnswer Is there a way to turn crossplay off?

I believe it was disabled in the new chapter. A lot of articles when I looked it up say it can still be done, but at least for me on Xbox, I cannot turn crossplay off.
I'm going to assume it's been removed completely since when I tried to change my Xbox settings to not pair me with people outside of Xbox, Fortnite blocked me from playing.
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2022.01.28 03:11 Skel8ton_1 H: JeDRWR Gatling Laser, TSE15c Fixer, Qe90 Fixer, Be1p Fixer, Enclave with flamer, B2525 Minigun, and rare plans W: Legacy or Grolls

H: JeDRWR Gatling Laser, TSE15c Fixer, Qe90 Fixer, Be1p Fixer, Enclave with flamer, B2525 Minigun, and rare plans W: Legacy or Grolls submitted by Skel8ton_1 to Market76 [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 03:11 jobsinanywhere 2022 could be a turning point in UFO research

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2022.01.28 03:11 Alex-Aldridge Get Low 3-6-9 GIF

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