This NFT will generate you passive income

2022.01.28 02:08 itsme_breakingbad This NFT will generate you passive income

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2022.01.28 02:08 Irene_Charles Lamborghini speeds into NFT market with space-inspired artwork

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2022.01.28 02:08 gl0wycube transfer from central michigan lol

hey guys, i’m a freshman at central michigan university. i’m double majoring in history (BA) and philosophy (BA). cmich doesn’t really have shit, and the only reason i’m going here is because they have me a full ride. i have some really cool profs but a couple of them have told me that i should think about going somewhere else to pursue more specific interests. i’m really into ancient history/classics, and i see that umich offers all of these as majors/minors. i also want to go to grad school and get my phd after undergrad in the same field. umich honestly really appeals to me, and i know i have the grades/letters of rec/writing samples to probably apply. is it a bad idea or does it look shitty to transfer from one four year uni to another? has anyone else done this?
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2022.01.28 02:08 nectricks This building near my job is a burnt bronze DD RIS II and I can’t unsee that

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2022.01.28 02:08 xxproimage Any offers or price check thanks

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2022.01.28 02:08 Oofice [FRESH] Eminem - Marshall Mathers III (New Album)

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2022.01.28 02:08 TIME______TRAVELER Post from r/tinder

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2022.01.28 02:08 cophatersupreme The REAL actual flag of Nothing

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2022.01.28 02:08 Inevitable-Pitch3346 Brain Dead Diagnosis and Treatment Market Regional Insights, Growth Outlook, Business Overview, Share Value and Size Estimation By 2023

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2022.01.28 02:08 iiScarlett Im selling these for robux or rhd!! (The ones that says robux are for robux only)

Adopt me •x47 Ox
•x3 Tasmanian Tiger
•x2 Bandicoot
•x2 Pterodactyl
•x2 Emu
•x1 Beaver
•x5 Fennec
•x5 Stegosaurus
•x1 Glyptodon
Pet Simulator X •Golden Fawn: 1.1B
Bloxburg •80k bbc: 80+ tax robux
Murder Mystery 2 •Nebula: robux(Nyp)
•Cowboy: robux(Nyp)
•Ghost: 300 robux+ tax
•Nova: 10 robux+ tax
•Night: 10 robux+ tax
•Chroma candleflame: robux(Nyp)
DaHood •10k DHC: 15 robux+ tax or rhd(Nyp)
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2022.01.28 02:08 thisisforyall Christian Music Criteria

Everyone has their own criteria for what they consider actual Christian music. for some it’s just hymns or songs sung in church, for others it includes some songs that can be considered near secular to others. I’m curious to know what you guys have as your criteria for these things.
Ex: Band calls themselves Christian but only half their of lyrics actually speak of anything having to do with God. I wouldn’t consider them a Christian band, just a band that sometimes makes sings about God.
Ex 2: There are plenty of Christian artists out there that try to make secular sounding music, but ultimately end up only adding in a line or two about God or Jesus. I don’t really consider this Christian music.
I tend to lean more towards the music needing to be all or mostly about God for it to count. What do you guys think?
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2022.01.28 02:08 Skitcher77 always flawless

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2022.01.28 02:08 mineral-dik M12 FUEL high speed 3/8" ratchet kit $149

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2022.01.28 02:08 east_arora Another L

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2022.01.28 02:08 EmergencyNote5087 Anyone applied in September?

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2022.01.28 02:08 No-Consideration4720 Some resources I've used, and still use, to attract clients.

iGloo App -------------
Retargeting 2.0 -------------
AdSightPro -------------
Azha Trader 6 -------------
Gold Bot FX -------------
Mobile Funnels -------------
GrowViral -------------
Challenges1 -------------
Challenges2 -------------
Challenges3 -------------
Challenges4 -------------
Challenges5 -------------
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2022.01.28 02:08 wnabi egg😶irl

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2022.01.28 02:08 dashthunderman Looking to buy

Looking to buy RTX 3060, 2080 super, or 2070 super.
Preferred price under $600
If you message me about a card I might ask for proof of ownership and a video of it working on heaven bench if that’s fine
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2022.01.28 02:08 MasterCheefin420 A Single-Tuck Sleepy Kitty

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2022.01.28 02:08 bot_painani Video: Manifestantes exigen al ISSEMyM, abasto de medicamentos - La Jornada Estado de México

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2022.01.28 02:08 -searchinGirl Horita's Highlights or How DNA in the JonBenet Ramsey Case Came Together for Justice

Horita's Highlights or How DNA in the JonBenet Ramsey Case Came Together for Justice
The following are highlights from Andy Horita's Investigative Memo relating his experience with Bode Labs, traveling to the DC area and northern Virginia, Making a Powerpoint presentation to DNA experts about the evidence, and deciding the scope of testing together. First a preliminary consistency to the UM1 profile, and then a confirmation test to the actual DNA case file from DPD confirming it. We can learn a lot about the UM1 profile in CODIS from reading Horita's memo.

A general summary of the DNA testing was next. It should be noted that although the slide summarizing the Denver Police Department's DNA results and possible interpretation issues raised by the mixture profile referred to the "distal portion of stain 2" (slide 45), the actual profile that was developed by Denver PD's lab did not rely on the distal stain. Rather, the profile was developed from the 7-2 stain. Therefore, the word "distal" was erroneously included in the presentation and a note of this error was made during the presentation.
Following the PowerPoint presentation, I presented Williamson and Jeanguenat with a chart summarizing: the mixture profile data developed by Gregg LaBerge at the Denver Police Department crime lab, the victim's known profile, and the interpreted suspect's contribution to the mixture (per the uploaded CODIS forensic unknown profile). The two analysts briefly examined the chart and made markings on the interpreted suspect's contribution to the profile as they discussed whether they agreed with or had questions about the interpretations that were made.
Generally speaking, Williamson and Jeanguenat stated that they would not feel comfortable reporting that an individual was a major or minor contributor to a mixture when the ratio of the two suspected profiles was less than 3:1. It would be possible to "condition out" the victim's contribution to a profile if the circumstances justified it.
When asked, Jeanguenat stated that she saw no indication that a third party contributed to the mixture and would "testify in court" to that effect. They noted that the imbalance at the amelogenin locus was "not surprising." Further, it was their opinion, based on a cursory look at the chart, that the 29 allele call was "iffy." It was their suggestion that the profile be searched at that locus with (31.2, "'). Similarly, the analysts indicated a question regarding the 12 allele call at the D5S818 locus. When asked about the apparent lack of concordance at D7S820, Williamson and Jeanguenat both stated that the result was not surprising based on their experience and training. Despite their questions regarding the two allele calls, Williamson noted that the interpretation might have either left off those alleles or that they "might be right anyway."
They noted that a relatively new testing kit called Identifiler, made by Applied Biosystems, could be used in lieu of the same company's two kits (Profiler Plus or COfiler kits). The benefits of using the Identifiler kit include the fact that all 13 core CODIS loci can be amplified using a single kit and a smaller amount of input sample is necessary. Williamson stated that approximately 80% of Bode's casework is done using the Identifiler kit. One difference with the Identifiler kit is that it amplifies two additional STR loci, namely D2S1338 and D19S433. Similarly, a newer testing kit, also made by Applied Biosystems, called MiniFiler, was designed to amplify the larger STR loci, thus improving the chances of developing a profile from degraded DNA samples. While the Identifiler kit has been used in court and Jeanguenat has testified regarding its use, the MiniFiler kit has not yet undergone trial Court scrutiny.
Williamson stated that ... re-testing the underwear would be the first priority. She decided to test the long underwear bottoms for possible touch DNA as the second priority. A third priority would be to test the brush end of the paintbrush (which was not included among the items I provided to Bode).
The analysts discussed the different serological tests that could be used to test for different biological material and noted that fluid sources were generally more DNA-rich than non-fluid sources. Williamson asked about the specific test that was used by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation to screen for the presence of amylase, a protein commonly found in saliva. The testing method used would determine the best course of action with respect to subsequent "touch DNA" testing. In one method, an adhesive screen is placed over the substrate. If such a method were used, touch DNA testing would not have a high likelihood of success.
On 12/3/07, at approximately 1339 hours, I reached the Colorado Bureau of Investigation Laboratory Agent in Charge, Ron Arndt, and spoke with him via speakerphone. Arndt stated that the CBI lab was in the process of evaluating the use of either the Identifiler kit, or a similar kit made by a different manufacturer, Promega Corporation's PowerPlex 16 kit. At that point, Arndt had not determined which kit is "better." I asked Arndt to describe the serological testing methods in place at his lab around 1997. He stated that cuttings would have been taken of clothing that tested presumptively positive for saliva, semen, or other fluids. When asked, he stated that his lab would not have used the Phadebas test kit, which would have obliterated any touch DNA.
On 3/25/08, I received via FedEx envelope containing the Bode Technology case file relating to the testing of the "White long underwear bottoms. BPD020TET, CBI #6," identified by Bode as item 2807-101-05. Four samples were collected from this item and individually identified by appending a letter (from A-D) to the end of their sample number. The samples were taken from the (A) exterior top right half of long johns, (B) exterior top left half of long johns, (C) interior top right half of long johns, (D) interior top left half of long johns. The report indicates that DNA analysis of the exterior top right and left portions of the long johns reveal the presence of a mixture that includes the victim and one or more male contributors. Notably, the profile developed by the Denver PD, and previously uploaded to the CODIS database as a forensic unknown profile and the profiles developed from the exterior top right and left portions of the long johns were consistent. Therefore, the male contributor to the CODIS profile could not be excluded from having contributed to the mixture developed from these samples.
On 3/27/08, at approximately 0845 hours, I spoke to Williamson about the laboratory report I received on 3/25/08. It was her opinion that the serological source of the profile developed from the two samples that matched the CODIS profile was probably not a fluid, but the result of touch contact with those areas of the item. When asked about the possibility of testing for the male contributor's racial background, Williamson noted that due to the fact that the profile obtained was a mixture it may not be possible to perform such a test.
I then asked Williamson about the history of "touch DNA" testing. She stated that she introduced the technique to the Bode laboratory in July of 2007. Prior to that, she had used it successfully in Australia. She noted that in a particular case involving a "serial groper" she was able to develop the suspect's profile from touch DNA analysis of the victims' clothing. The success of the technique depends on how long the contact was made and how much DNA the depositor sheds. She explained that the touch DNA technique involves shaving the outer surface of a substrate (such as clothing), rather than cutting out a sample of the material. With the cutting method, the wearer of the clothing's DNA profile often overwhelms or masks the profile of the touch depositor.
On 5/21/08, at approximately 0933hours, I spoke with Williamson about the serological source of the touch DNA profile she developed from the exterior right and left sides of the white long johns worn by the victim. She stated that the scraping technique she used avoided any area of staining. She did not attempt to determine the serological source of the samples, but did not believe that the source was saliva. Williamson did not believe that the DNA profiles from the exterior right and left portions of the victim's long johns and the profile from the inside of the crotch of the underwear were both deposited via contamination from the autopsy table. She noted that she believed the serological source of the DNA profile developed from the underwear was "probably saliva."
On 6/12/08, at approximately 1444 hours, I spoke to Williamson and requested that she complete a statistical analysis of the profile she developed from the long underwear bottoms.
On 6/24/08, I received a report from Bode regarding the statistical probability of selecting a random, unrelated individual who would be included as a possible contributor to the mixture found on the exterior top right half of the white long underwear bottoms at four of the CODIS loci.
Here is the same language that can be found on the Bode Report; the probability of selecting a random, unrelated individual is an expectation or random match probability based on population data frequencies for alleles and pairs of alleles, and indicates the number of false positive matches that might share these same markers in all the right places.
It is more or less a reading on the data. It doesn't say anything about innocence or guilt. But in searching a database it reduces the dataset to a workable size; and it also indicates populations where these genes have rarity.
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2022.01.28 02:08 PrimeMikeTysonOnCoke Why this guy keeps telling me his ass gets wet while I fuck him?

Everytime I fuck him his ass gets super wet, but obviously it's douche water, right?
He literally acts like it's because he gets wet as if he had a pussy. He's super fem and I like that so I just play along
But it has to be water from douching, right? I find it strange how wet it gets at different times while we have sex though.
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2022.01.28 02:08 tgallup Media 🎪

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2022.01.28 02:08 yenolammail Can someone recommend some round table episodes with Henry?

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2022.01.28 02:08 Farconso I feel like a loser

All my friends have high education. They’re doctors, lawyers, professors and engineers. I’m the only one with a shitty undergrad.
I feel like they all have much better potential that me and I really don’t like that. I wish them the best. But I wish I can do something about this. I’m definitely not going back to school for any reason because it’s a complete waste of time IMO. But… I guess I’m just very anxious.. I don’t know what’s gonna happen to me in the future. I don’t feel secure at in terms of my financial future.
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