Who's John McCarthy? [Author of Humper-Monkey]

2022.01.28 03:16 Towlschi_gen_1700 Who's John McCarthy? [Author of Humper-Monkey]

I really want to know more about the author after reading the phenomenal horror story. However, the web doesn't produce satisfactory results regarding McCarthy.
I mean, the story was set in 1980s, so is he still alive? How old he is otherwise? What are his other works? Is he even existent in Social Media or a total ghost in the web? Please help me find the Legend 🙏
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2022.01.28 03:16 dnjprod Very confused...Where do I start

I've always loved comic stories, but never really had access to comics as a kid. I have always been a huge Flash fan since the 90's tv show. Now I'm an adult and periodically pick up a book from libraries and other places. I'm really confused on where to start. I got DC Rebirth Flash 1-3, but then I see "Flash Rebirth" and think I need that to start off. So I read it and it seems to flow from one to another. But...it really doesn't. I find out that Flash Rebirth is from 2009 and has been rewritten with the New 52, and then DC Rebirth happens rewriting all of that essentially.
Where do I find out what happened to Wally that leads to him being trapped in the Speed Force and forgotten until DC rebirth? What is the best reading order for Flash comics to get a general continuity?
This shit is confusing...
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2022.01.28 03:16 ZazaTheHun I built my first PC by myself at age 13, dont look at the cables xD

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2022.01.28 03:15 sudhir369 Saturn setting behind a mountain

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2022.01.28 03:15 expiredegirl TW:child abuse!! i was groomed as a 14 year old, what do i even do at this point?

I’m not really sure if this is even the right place to put this, but I really need more opinions. I’ve been struggling a lot mentally and I want to know if its just entirely my own fault or if I’m overreacting and should suck it up. The only reason for my mental health dwindling that I can think of is the relationship I had when I was 14. I was essentially groomed online for 2 years by a 20 year old. When I tell my friends I think that's why my brain is still so fucked, they are confused why it’s still affecting me at 18. Sometimes it makes me question whether or not I was really groomed or if it was just a normal relationship with a large age gap.

 For context, I’ll try to explain some points of the relationship as briefly as possible, without leaving out any important details. I had just turned 14 a month before I’d met him and all of my friends were busy e-dating so I had no one to talk to and play games with. I decided to go on omegle to find someone to play league with, that's where I found the at the time 20 year old, we'll call him M. He lied about his age when I first started talking to him, but he slipped up and said “co-worker” instead of classmate, so eventually he gave in and told me he was 20, and asked if I was still okay talking to him. At the time no one had really shown interest talking to me besides a few people so of course I was fine talking to a guy a few years older than me!! Two days later, he asked me to date him. I was extremely hesitant, because I’d just met him and didn’t know him very well yet, but I said yes anyway out of fear he’d stop talking to me. Around two weeks into the relationship he started asking me to do inappropriate things with him, he said that I should have no problem with it because all the other 14yos he’d met and dated before me did it without him even asking. Eventually, after he had threatened to leave me, and called me a “faulty omegle gf”,(lol) I gave him what he wanted. 
A few months later, M found out I still talked to my ex at the time. (I was 12 when I briefly dated him, he mustive been like 14 or something and we never once did anything sexual, we just talked about holding hands and playing games.) He was uncomfortable with me talking to him, which I didn’t really understand at the time, but I blocked him regardless. A week or so later, I started to feel really bad about blocking my ex, so I added him back without telling M. Eventually, M found out and was furious, he demanded to see all of our chats, and after reading them he insisted that I had sent my ex tons of nudes, and had e-sex with him. Of course I didn’t do that, I didn’t have any feelings for my ex, I saw him as a friend. But M insisted that I was a cheating whore, and verbally abused me for months. I admit that adding my ex without telling my boyfriend was really wrong and gross of me, but to be fair I was still pretty young and extremely fucking dumb.
 Later, I started streaming games, and to get more viewers I would go on omegle, and message people asking them to watch. My boyfriend knew about this and was okay with it. During this time, he was pretty absent as the game Apex Legends had just come out and he was obsessing over it. So I became close friends with one of the people I’d found on omegle to watch my stream. Eventually M found out about that, demanded to see our chats, read them and decided once again that I was a cheating whore. 
Later, I started streaming games, and to get more viewers I would go on omegle, and message people asking them to watch. My boyfriend knew about this and was okay with it. During this time, he was pretty absent as the game Apex Legends had just come out and he was obsessing over it. So I became close friends with one of the people I’d found on omegle to watch my stream. The more we talked, I told him about how my boyfriend had been treating me, and he told me that it was really fucked up and that I should leave him. After lots of drama and convincing, I tried leaving M, but he convinced me to stay as always, and forced me to block all of my friends except for one female school friend. So the only person I was allowed to talk to really was M. At this point he had my discord login and could look at all my chats at any time, so sometimes when he was feeling very upset he would read through the chats and tell me things like, “What do you think he sees in you seriously? He’s only your friend because ur a hot white girl. You are also extremely boring. Ur like pornstar level. Not good at anything, refuse to be good at anything, nympho, cheater.” He would basically say things like this to me daily and block me or delete me as much as he wanted, and I would just follow along and add him back. After a few months of this, he even crossed his own line. He threatened to send my nudes to my family members. I cried and begged him not to and eventually, he said he wouldnt and apologized and said he felt like absolute shit and would never bully me like that again. But about a month or so later he said that what he did to me wasn't all that bad, and what I did to him was much much worse and continued to be mean to me just as he did before.
After that, I realized that things with him would never get better, so I decided the best thing to do was to leave him. I broke up with him and had two unhealthy relationships with men much older than me, but none nearly as unhealthy as I experienced before. After the second one broke up with me, M added me on discord. I accepted and became sort of friends with him again, but I tried to guilt him into buying me things because I still hold a massive grudge against him. But eventually he started telling me things like, he was just as mentally old as I was at the time he groomed me, and the way my brain is is mostly not his fault, that I’m giving him too much credit, ect. I could go on for ages about the things like that hes said to me. Eventually, I got too depressed when he talked to me, so I blocked him.
I want to add that I’m currently in a relationship with a really nice guy, but my low self esteem, abandonment and trust issues are pushing him away very hard, and I’m terrified of losing him but I know if I keep this up I surely will.
Tldr; i was groomed as a 14yo by a 20yo and now i am mentally disabled lol
 Am I being overdramatic? Should I be okay and normal now, or should I seek therapy? lol 
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2022.01.28 03:15 twinboysdad Sacramento Stars in Episode Two of Take Out with Lisa Ling

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2022.01.28 03:15 WanderingArtist0 34 [M4F] SoCal - Let’s Make This My Last Post 🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽

I don’t really know where to start… so I’ll just go with it. I am looking for a connection. I live in a big city, although there are a lot of people but that’s also a bad thing when looking for something real.
ABOUT ME: I currently work in television and in my spare time, I have a few endeavors that I pour my heart and soul into. This is probably the hardest I’ve ever worked in my life and although I am not where I want to be yet, I can feel the progress towards something bigger then just me. Which should be the true goal when working on a passion project or business. I used to be a DJ in my 20s so I hold music really dear to my heart. Music saved my life in alot of ways. Now… if you’re wondering what I look like - I’m 5’10 with an athletic build, brown eyes, brown hair. In my spare time, I try to be very productive. As I mentioned above, I have started a few businesses in other industries that don’t relate to film/TV. I’ve grown to be very ambitious the last 10 years so I’m striving to be the best I can be. Not just in business, but as a person as well. I’m an advocate of learning something new everyday. And it’s true!!! There is so much stuff out there, it’s almost impossible to not learn something new if your mind, eyes, ears are open. Oh! I’m not a social media type of guy. I do have to watch over social media pages for my businesses but I don’t have any active accounts for myself on any platform. Yes, I’m a ghost in some ways but I prefer it in this day and age. So in regards to dating apps, none of those too. I have tried them way back when but it’s not my cup of tea. So this is my one and only shot!!!
Do I have any requirements? Not really. After all, you never know who you will meet. But, my only two ask’s are that you are active… because I really need to go on hikes to get my mind off things 😅 Potentially, I’d want to teach you Muay Thai for self defense purposes. Secondly, be somewhat local or willing to move if we hit it off. I’m tied to SoCal due to the my career. One day, I will probably move tho. One day!
If you want to learn more about me. Slide in my DMs. Looking forward to meeting you! ☺️☺️☺️
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2022.01.28 03:15 DezrtBat [SELLING] Winding down from work, come buy a sexting session to relax before bed ;)

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2022.01.28 03:15 Fun_Link6320 #nagakingdom

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2022.01.28 03:15 Impressive-Gate3074 Two parrots kissing each other to show love

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2022.01.28 03:15 ElectronicBuyer3 [No Spoilers] Love this show

Is it just me or has anyone else watched all three episodes twice? I'm so happy it's here and now I'm sharing it with my family
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2022.01.28 03:15 unitedfc79 Xbox Game Pass for PC 3 Months Trial - Xbox Live Key - UNITED STATES

Bought in error, So free for someone who may need it. It will only work with a new account.
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2022.01.28 03:15 lss_bvt_and_22 LssTest-GoldPost-55251

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2022.01.28 03:15 prithivida Discovered DonkeyStereotype :)

Checkout this demo - https://share.streamlit.io/do-st/esvp/main/app.py
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2022.01.28 03:15 Arya20071970 so similar

so similar
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2022.01.28 03:15 IAmNotABOTomg Syfy’s “Resident Alien” Season 2 Premieres To Series High; “Astrid & Lilly Save the World” Debuts

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2022.01.28 03:15 Mashwishi New #NFT release seed #348598720, Now available for whitelisting!

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2022.01.28 03:15 InternFearless177 I haven't read this manhwa in a month or 2 thinking that there would be more chapter...but there is only 1 new chapter...does this manhwa get cancelled or monthly release?

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2022.01.28 03:15 poopooppoppy Can I quit as a manager? (AUS)

Hi! So I’m a recent Maccas manager, only been promoted since December 2021. I’ve recently gotten an opportunity to work at a better job, (I earn about 19 AUD per hour, I’ll be earning almost double in this new job) I don’t exactly know how to quit, I’m only part time so I don’t know how long I’m supposed to give notice for. Should I just give in my one month notice and hope for the best?
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2022.01.28 03:15 PhantomBrowser111 Other typical cliché MC's getting transported in the New World

This is just an idea I have for fun, but among other Isekai stories out there, who's likely to die in the first try they make contact with Nazarick and whom are the ones that can survive because they'll avoid the place as much as possible? (Manga characters only, preferably if they all got Isekai'd)
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2022.01.28 03:15 NT22055 Dreamt I was in a shipwreck with my cousins

It was so realistic it was scary. We were all lying on a yacht my dad rented for us for our annual cousin trip, the way you see celebs in magazines do. All of a sudden the sky gets dark and we hear sirens. There was a huge storm and all of a sudden another yacht hits us. So we decide to jump in groups. My cousin who used to baby sit us was in charge and she put me and my bestfriend/cousin (we will call her S) are last to jump ship to some type of safe cabin. (You know how dreams are they don’t make sense). So me and S are holding hands ready to jump and I say 1,2,3. S doesn’t jump. And the yacht blows up, I find S in the water alive with glass in her abdomen. I take her to the safe space and while I’m trying to help her she is trying to help others. A friend even popped up and me and S got her to her baby. She also had shards of glass in her that we had to slowly take out. I grabbed S and shook her and said “WHY WOULDNT YOU JUMP WITH ME? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?” I was crying in my dream because I saw a huge piece of glass that I knew was hurting her. I woke up as I was crying a pulling the glass out telling her it would be okay. Is this a warning? Or what does it mean?
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2022.01.28 03:15 Dirly Audio bug?

I wasnt able to hear anyone while playing via oculus air link to my quest 2. Anyone else experience this?
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2022.01.28 03:15 rocketraja548 Changing jobs while on H1B and have an approved i140

Hi, I got my i140 approved in Sept 2021, i am planning to move jobs sometime this year, I know somewhat about the 180 day rule for i140, my wife is in US on H4 and she is going to be applying for an H4 EAD in a few months, will my changing jobs affect her H4 renewal or H4 EAD process in anyway if 180 days have past before i accept a new offer? Any insight into this matter is appreciated.
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2022.01.28 03:15 zjsbjzisvfs I don't how to to leave him when the time probably comes..

This will be a long one so get ready. We have been together 3 years and sometimes it's been terrible. And yet, I love him to death
Bit of a rant before anything: We argue way too much and even when I try to have a good day, something always gets to me. I won't act like I'm right 100% of the time but I genuinely feel like a lot could be avoided with a little compassion. But he never apologizes and never believes he's wrong. He doesn't believe me when I tell him things could be avoided this way.
Just an example but today just now, we were supposed to go do laundry together at the laundry-mat, I admittedly take a long time to get ready for things as I feel insecure about my appearance and hadn't showered yet. I shouldn't have because he does have to sleep for work in 2 hours. I understand being upset about this, but he decided to throw in the word "stupid" several times and I couldn't help but get mad. Told him to stop and asked for an apology all pathetic like but to no avail. He separated our clothes and said he wouldn't do mine from now on. That's a little bit of an issue since I don't have my own vehicle (or license) and am unfortunately financially dependent on him. I don't fully believe he wouldn't at least drive me over there but the thought alone is sad. Unsure if I'm even in the right here because I'm lazy a lot, every time I want to clean and be productive, we argue and then I just don't want to do anything at all, let alone even take care of my health even though I'm overweight now.
I feel like we should have split long ago over bigger issues that happened in the beginning but we decided to move past it for some reason. Part of me can't help but think maybe I deserve this, I cheated in the beginning right after we got together as the result of cheating. He kind of did too but to a lesser extent than me (texting an ex telling her he misses her etc..)
It's all very fucked up and weird to talk about casually but I feel like I may finally have had it and am giving myself till about the end of February to see if things improve. Question is how do I convince myself to go through with it and if so, where do I even go? My family is an option but I'm worried about a few things. They aren't completely terrible and I wouldn't say they're all bad but we've had problems in the past which made it especially hard for me to get out on my own and ended with me packing up and running away at 18. They do respect me more now as an adult but I know my mom's stolen money from me before and there's already 6 people living in their house not to mention I'd have to continue to pretend I'm religious.
The other option may be better but I'm unsure if it's morally right or not. I have a friend that recently said they like me, (which caused some complication) and I feel like I should have stopped talking to them or I guess texting since we live in completely different sides of the country. I stopped for maybe a week or two and after some more arguments I decided what was the point? My partner's phone is legit locked so I have no idea who he talks to yet mine isn't and he can see my conversations, and for a while I always felt like we were on the brink of break up anyways. Never felt like we'd even meet in real life either so I didn't see an issue with just having them strictly as someone I play video games with. I understand why he'd be upset of me talking to this person but I'm also upset about a lot of things that don't change and maybe never will. He was upset about another friend too and idk if this one is justified but it was someone who liked me way back in highschool (is it?) First friend offered a place to stay if I did leave, even offered it if I didn't want a relationship with him. I have no reason to disbelieve him but the only thing is I'm not wanting to hurt his feelings if I truly want to be single for a while or don't find him attractive.
One of the reasons it's so hard to leave is because both of these options would require me to leave all my stuff behind because both of these are way out of state. When I did work I paid a good amount of money for some things like my Xbox, my tv, some antiques etc and things of sentimental value. When I left my ex I was only moving about 25 minutes away so I didn't leave much.
Mostly though the main issue is I feel like I can leave at the moment of the conflict, but as things get quiet and I'm alone I just get too sad thinking about it. One moment I'm better than this all and feel like I can be free and the next I think the pain of leaving him will be too much to handle. Logically I shouldn't even feel for him, yet I definitely do.
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2022.01.28 03:15 Ok-Foot3860 Rouxls Kaard and Arceus meet Eachother

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