Please turn off your fog lights. You'll actually see better at night, and reduce glare for others

2021.12.05 02:49 Slokunshialgo Please turn off your fog lights. You'll actually see better at night, and reduce glare for others

If you're one of those people who have their fog lights on all the time, I hope I can convince you to turn them off.
Improving your vision This is a bit counterintuitive, but turning off your fog lights will improve your ability to see at night.
These lights are designed to project light low, wide, and close to the vehicle. The road right in front of your vehicle will be brighter, and a lot of people feel like this lets them see better. In fog or snow this is true, otherwise it's the opposite.
Your eyes adjust to see as well as possible for the given amount of light around. When things closer to you are bright, your eyes will adjust for this, making them less sensitive overall.
The deer or pedestrian 100 meters away illuminated only by your headlights is a lot dimmer, and the reduced sensitivity means you can't see it as well. This is a lot more important then the brightly lit 10 feet of empty road in front of you.
Turning off your fog lights will let your eyes become more sensitive, and you can see the distant object a lot better.
Helping others Modern headlights are very bright, and glare is becoming a major issue. Your fog lights contribute significantly to this glare, both by adding more light overall, and being more reflective off the road.
Turning them off lessens both of these, instantly eliminating a third (or more!) of the glare you're causing to other people on the road.
So please, for your own safety, and being kind to others, please turn off your fog lights, and only use them in fog or heavy snow.
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2021.12.05 02:49 Best-Language-9520 Tons of cuties first day, now not.

Did anyone else get suggested a bunch of extremely attractive women/men the first day they used the app and then just average looking ones the day after? I had used all my swipes for the day and was stoked that I had found a gold mine of sexy girls. Today I'm only getting suggestions for fairly average looking women.
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2021.12.05 02:49 NobleW1993 not bad for $49 eh? Happy Weed-kend everyone!

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2021.12.05 02:49 Byehusbandguy I just want estrogen!

I found out several years ago that premature menopause was likely-- at age 31 I had the amh amh and ovaries of someone in their 40s. I had unexplained infertility in my mid to late 20s and got pregnant right before starting I've after IUDs failed. Then, in my 30s we failed ivf so donor egg. I started perimenopause at 33 with increasingly irregular cycles. So after I had my 2nd child at 34, I spoke to my doctor and researched and got a mirena as that could help with progesterone support should I transition into menopause in the next few years.
38 now. I started getting hot flashes a few months ago. It might sound crazy, but I had felt like my hormonal levels were decreasing before that. Saw my gyno-- fsh was 32, so not menopausal yet. We will do baseline bone density once I am fully in menopause.
But my eyes are now so dry! My skin has just started really wrinkling more and being oddly dry. This is from someone who spent many months a year ago on sccutane!
I worry about the health effects. And dating, etc. My husband left me a couple of years ago. And I am not currently in a place to date, but I would at least like the option of fun sexy time in my future without worrying about my vagina withering. My gyno said we will see how symptoms are as my hot flashes come and go and are not too bad. But things are not getting better!
At this rate, I just want estrogen back. I started to get puffy ankles and my doctor said it can happen with aging... I hydrate with plenty of water. Are things better after estrogen?
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2021.12.05 02:49 1337speak [Keith Smith] Asked about the Celtics wearing headbands, Ime Udoka said "I saw that. Something different. I don't know the reason and I don't really care (laughs)."

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2021.12.05 02:49 International-Drag23 [MF] The Deep Blue Sky

The wind is howling, dust circling through the air, James, Sergeant James Pine, dead.
My squadmates look at me in disbelief, they can't comprehend what has just happened, to see their old friend and compatriot with his head split open like a coconut, the fifty millimeter anti aircraft round splitting his soft white face neatly in two.
Words don't come to me, I have nothing to say, nothing to offer, the shock of it is beginning to wear off and is being replaced by an overwhelming sense of emptiness.
Tears stream down my face, my combat ready composure breaking.
My body convulses, I can feel myself throwing up but nothing comes out, just a dry heave and a little flem.
Sergeants Lukas and Montoya glance at me, concerned, one of them mutters something about getting James off the roof before more jihadists assault our position.
I nod in agreement distantly, my vision blurry behind the lightheadedness, dehydration, and tears.
The American flag on his left arm is drenched in his blood, the white stripes covered by a thick red ooze, the stars bleached and almost indiscernible.
His blond hair, blowing in the wind, like wheat in a field back in Oklahoma, strands become detached from the remnants of his skull, floating away into the sky.
I still remember our first day of basic training together, a little over a year ago now. It was a downpour, the clouds grey and cold, my drill sergeant, even colder.
I was shivering, I had a bad sinus infection, a migraine drilling into my brain like a drill into a mine. Of course it was the day we had to complete the obstacle course.
It was on the course where I met James. I got stuck in the mud and grime while crawling under the barbed wire, my foot was stuck in a barb, the pain indescribable. He came up next to me and was about to continue onwards in the course when he saw me there, so helpless and weak, tears of shame and embarrassment welling up in my eyes.
He gently helped me get my foot off the barb, and when we got back on our feet, he assisted me through the rest of the course, with me leaning feebly on his shoulder. And his eyes, my god his eyes, bluer than the purest ocean, lighter than the midday sky, filled with nothing but kindness. I still remember that day, I dream about it, in his arms, my guardian angel.
And now I look down at his eyes, glassy and empty, the blue of his pupil swirling around like a watered down soup, the midday sky tainted by droplets of dark red blood.
Hate fills my heart, the monster inside coils up, it is about to strike.
Sergeant Montoya yells something at me about another group of ISIS soldiers heading towards our position, but all I can think about is him.
He's all that matters now.
She shakes my shoulder and slaps me in the face, hard.
I grab my rifle and get into position, my head peeking over slightly from the terrace in which I have taken my sniping position.
There are around twenty ISIS jihadists, clad in black, their rifles cocked and loaded, the anti aircraft emplacement that killed James is left abandoned, probably out of ammo.
I can feel my muscles tense up, my training fading away, all I can think about is that these monsters killed him, the one I cared more about than anyone else.
It's not as hard to shoot them anymore.
My heart skips a beat as my bullet flies through them one by one. Like a knife through butter, the bullets tear up their insides. Crumpled on the ground, they are finally at peace.
One tries to drag his wounded squadmate behind a wrecked car and out of my sight.
It's a war crime to shoot dead wounded and unarmed soldiers.
I shoot anyway.
The one dragging the wounded jihadist collapses dead, blood spurting out from the back of his head, the wounded one on the ground looks at me, his brown eyes beg me for mercy.
I will show him none.
It's a cathartic feeling, I gain a sick satisfaction from hearing their screams of pain and suffering, It's a shame their suffering ends.
Mine never will.
I can't stop myself now, time slows down.
I rush out of the building towards the lone jihadist, laying bleeding out on the ground.
His compatriots have retreated beyond sight, leaving him alone with me.
Big mistake.
I rip off his mask, just another human being, scared and helpless, not a monster.
He struggles to break free of my grasp.
He cries, muttering indecipherable words most likely directed towards me.
I grab my knife.
My reflection in the knife's blade stares back at me, I don't recognise myself, my green eyes are shell shocked, my stubble has grown out into a bushy mess, blood covers my face, my teeth clenched into a snarl.
The knife goes down.
He is quiet now
My breathing is heavy and hard.
I'm about to collapse. There are stars in my eyes.
So quiet.
Not much left to do. I should go back.
Dust blows through the air.
I stumble back up to the building, my heart heavy, my soul empty.
The city is silent. Even birds do not chirp, They watch me, judging my every step.
I go upstairs.
Lukas and Montoya watch me pensively.
I hold James in my arms.
I don't want him to go.
“Don't leave me alone.”
“I can't go on without you.”
No response.
I look up at the pure blue sky, look down at James's eyes, I lay next to him and I remember.
Last Year.
Last month.
Last week.
Last night.
The last moment of joy I will ever experience on this Earth.
The ring.
His eyes.
The kiss.
His mouth.
The words.
“Will you marry me?”
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2021.12.05 02:49 louisesexy01 20[F4M]HORNY? Just dm. me snapchat: biatress_h

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2021.12.05 02:49 dopedisco oh boy 💀

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2021.12.05 02:49 VariousIllustrator87 Just going through 20th Century in History😎😎

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2021.12.05 02:49 Natsucr7 [Q] Best way to process survey data in order to get meaningful coefficients?

I'm a bit new to statistical inferencing and I need some help with finding the right method to go about doing a particular analysis.
I'm trying to do a driver's analysis study where I have a particular factor from survey questions and I'm trying to find the coefficients of the drivers, and I'm struggling with issues such as multicollinearity. Here are the steps I took:-

  1. Perform factor analysis on the survey questions in order to try and reduce the issue of multicollinearity.
  2. Pick the top 2 variables from each factor and keep the other variables not in any factors as predictors.
  3. Run the lm/ordinal regression on the selected variables to find out the coefficients.
Issue is, I've been running into a few negative coefficients which don't make sense at all and clearly shows that there is an issue of multicollinearity with my model. Is there any step I should add or check to ensure this issue gets solved?
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2021.12.05 02:49 h0llatsam ‘Play again with teammates’ glitch?

Every time I finish a match on rebirth and choose to play again with the same teammates, it will go to the loading screen and get stuck on it. I never even make it into the next match. I’ll have to go back to my PS4 homescreen and close out the application all together. This doesn’t happen when I select ‘play again,’ only if I want to stay with teammates. If anyone could help me figure out how to fix this it’d be great cause I hate when I finally have a good team to play with and can’t get into the next game with them.
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2021.12.05 02:49 beatboy1975 The Verve - Gravity Grave

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2021.12.05 02:49 Teledork62 Charles jumps on my lap and leans against me when I get home from work every morning

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2021.12.05 02:49 BrownPanda13 How/Why did you start playing chess seriously?

For me it was my middle school chess club that I joined because my dad used to play chess a lot and he taught me to play. Even though in the club I mostly goofed off with friends and didn’t improve at all, it made me passionate about the game.
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2021.12.05 02:49 stormatombd So i have the question about shunsui zanpaku human form

In anime filler arc about all zanpaku come out from the sword and going rampage. We saw shunsui zanpaku human form there, and this form use again on canon story when shunsui fight sniper sternritter.
So did kubo use non canon material to his canon story, or the human form of shunsui zanpaku already canon before he showing it in last arc?
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2021.12.05 02:49 hernoir social media bs

does anybody else get triggered/bothered by the guy they’re dating liking a girl’s pictures on social media? I’m curious. I honestly don’t understand why guys follow certain accounts of females they’re attracted to and like their pictures. I don’t follow guys I’m attracted to and constantly like their pics. That’s not what I use social media for. I just feel like it’s a respect thing.
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2021.12.05 02:49 its_Lucifer Rippled v1.8.1 is now available

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2021.12.05 02:49 jyoda007 [WTB] Jordan 4 Black Cat or Taupe Haze sz 10.5sz or 11sz

Looking to spend 300-400 on the haze and 500-700 on the black cats depending on quality. Open to used or DS
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2021.12.05 02:49 YellowJackster 🏷 🔖 DIY Watercolour Bookmarks 🏷🔖 ASMR Type video. Please feedback

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2021.12.05 02:49 karlbot [Male genitalia] It's just the way they are. I mean if we're all being honest...they're an odd design.

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2021.12.05 02:49 MmXMiLaN My Theory about Luffy's Awakening And Luffy Vs Blackbeard...

What if, as shown in the current Opening, Luffy's Awakens his DF ability to bend water and everything..
So in a fight against Blackbeard in future maybe he could use this ability to attack Blackbeard with Seawater lowering his Devil fruit's capability. (assuming if the fight happens around a place where the sea is present)
But Luffy becoming a Giant is another thing I'd like to see happen...
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2021.12.05 02:49 namebecausepie saveinstance() error message

I tried to save model from game using saveinstance
but when I open it on roblox studio there is message
"could not open the place ---------- incident id 2931431471785838404
is there any way to fix this? thank

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2021.12.05 02:49 bot_neen Aquí nos tocó vivir - Nada de pizquitas (04/12/2021)

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2021.12.05 02:49 BeardyMcWhisky Constant P2P connection errors (028) and now this...

Constant P2P connection errors (028) and now this... Trying to help a friend get into the game, and keep getting 028 errors trying to join his prospect, and then this:

Any advice?
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2021.12.05 02:49 beardsparkles Are you fucking kidding me?

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