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FUZEDRIVE (old StoreMI) Questions - Upgrading Fast Tier Storage

2021.12.05 02:18 DanielF823 FUZEDRIVE (old StoreMI) Questions - Upgrading Fast Tier Storage

I have been using a FUZE drive (4TB WD Black + 500GB CRUCIAL MX500) for bulk game storage (Not OS/BOOT) for a while now and I have been pretty happy with the results.
I plan on swapping the fast tiered drive with a 1TB Samsung 980 (like literally 7x faster than👆) (Yes my Fuzedrive licence supports up to 2TB of fast tier capacity)
Does anyone know if doing this will just blow me away in terms of performance or are there real-world performance ceilings in the FUZEDRIVE software that will really limit the white paper performance? (Yes my OS/Boot drive is faster than the fast tier drive - 2TB 980 Pro Gen4)
It's not really easy to benchmark a FUZEDRIVE, but I can say for sure that the more I use a game the faster it loads... Off-topic but I know I won't be installing future Direct Storage titles on the FUZEDRIVE
TLDR: Does FUZEDRIVE fully use a faster fast-tier drive? Is the Sky the Limit or will the software waste the gains? submitted by DanielF823 to Amd [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 02:18 honestsparrow Be Ashamed of who you are

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2021.12.05 02:18 Zealousideal-Face549 Just found this leaked server

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2021.12.05 02:18 cirnoe Didn’t feel like queuing so I picked up art again :^) here’s my wol!

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2021.12.05 02:18 phantomforeskinpain What does reporting do exactly?

I met a guy on a dating app, and immediately, I knew it was a scam. Upon doing research and playing along, I learned it was a very textbook cryptocurrency scam. I figured I'd keep his interest for as long as I could so he wasn't doing it to other people.
Of course, he brought the conversation to whatsapp, as scammers are want to do. I did report him.
I probably can't expect anything to actually be done, can I?
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2021.12.05 02:18 OzBargainBot ONE80 Bristle Dartboard, Surround & 6 Darts Set Christmas Sale $160 Delivered (Was $209.99) @ Darts Direct

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2021.12.05 02:18 House_Hippo_ Watching Friends reruns randomly… one of them was TOW No One’s Ready

The group (minus Phoebe, the stain mishap wasn’t her fault) was very rude to Ross, for taking their slow ass time to get ready. And then they get all butthurt and snippy (hi Rachel) when he got really upset.
At least we got “Could I BE wearing any more clothes?” line from it.
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2021.12.05 02:18 BangBangSpiderGang The definition of a perfect hol up

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2021.12.05 02:18 N3tw0rkl1v3 the only one I have and the first

the only one I have and the first submitted by N3tw0rkl1v3 to DCMultiverse [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 02:18 ultimatehellagay cryi

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2021.12.05 02:18 DoctaCat1 Met a new friend today

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2021.12.05 02:18 your_lil_secret Men of India, how do you handle a heart break?

Don't get me wrong I am not a sexist. And I believe this situation must have occurred with many men around here.
This post has two parts; TDLR at the end.
Part 1: As an Indian, we have learned that a man is loved but he should provide. This patriarchal undercurrent runs subconsciously in almost all of us: men love to provide (functioning as financially dominant is expected from us by others and self) and women admire us for providing (reputation, job and security). This is not absent in rest of the world but the East has greater emphasis on it. My (27m) gf (27f) since 5 years, spoke to me recently how there is a chance for us not getting married and the reason is how we both should have a job (I agree) but more essentially I must have a job (I do not agree). Most of us (m&f) don't find it absolutely necessary that our gf or wife should be earning or else we don't stand a chance together; but at the same time we think exactly the opposite for men: they must absolutely be providing.
I have 2 degrees, doing PhD in an institute of eminence, have taught in a school but left it to study further. My parents were from a very humble background (he sold veggies, to give you an idea), I worked in child labour and despite that I am able to reach to this stage where many people couldn't even when they had proper support. I am not bragging but trying to give you an idea of how futile your efforts can be rendered when you don't earn. The value of a man is inclusive of the materialistic utility he provides (this constitutes a substantial portion) and his self worth this overshadowed by this portion.
Part 2: I am preparing for completely detaching myself from my gf because the thought of her being in someone else's arms while I am in love would crush me beyond repair (she says she will be forced to marry someone else if I don't get a job). My gf doesn't earn nor do I (I am on fellowship) and her parents are forcing her for marriage since last year. She is totally dependent on getting Sarkari Naukari (govt job). We both are trying to get a job but the whole onus is on me: I should have a job, I should have a home (rent we will share), I should be able to provide "a secure abode" to my female partner, are all expected from her and her parents. Why don't we expect the same from women? Why no feminist fights to equalise this? I am a feminist myself and now I understand how women feel when certain things are expected from them because of their supposed gender role. I am expressing all this because perhaps I am not man enough to hide my emotions behind the curtain of manly strength. Most of us men are under this tremendous pressure constantly but we just absorb it thinking that's the way of the world. How should I handle this, the trauma of losing her coupled with undermined self worth? We men feel like objects of natural selection and our identity is reduced to a machine that we care for only if it "provides". Of course there are exceptions to this situation but that's what they are: "exceptions", unlike the average lot.
TDLR: Why must only men be expected to provide? Breaking up with my gf because I won't be able to see her getting married to someone else. Can you suggest how to handle heartbreak coupled with undermined self worth?
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2021.12.05 02:18 Carolinehilderun Crag dog Pokey!

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2021.12.05 02:18 zsquinten Roland Emmerich is a good filmmaker.

He's schmaltzy. He's over the top and sometimes maybe he tries too hard... but he means well and he's made some good movies.
I just watched The Day After Tomorrow, and... it's good.
Emmerich is like the Chris Stuckman of filmmakers. He's not super brainy, and certainly he's annoying to some people, but his heart is in the right place, and good for him for making a career out of film.
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2021.12.05 02:18 Graphic-Addiction Dune (2021) [683x1024] By Raid71

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2021.12.05 02:18 rpimm I can never not think about this again (season 1 episode 3)

Remember when Fey and Lutz come by Myne’s place to ask for some parue pulp for bird seed? All I can think about is those missionaries that go from door to door telling people about their religion. I almost expect them to say “Do you have time to talk about our lord and savior the God of Darkness?
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2021.12.05 02:18 OzBargainBot Trolls (4K Ultra HD + Blu-Ray) $4.49 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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2021.12.05 02:18 RobotTomPeterson Man Dies After Shooting in Bridgeton Neighborhood

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2021.12.05 02:18 _PotatoShiv_ A lot has changed since my girlfriend got pregnant...

For instance, my phone number, my address, my social security, and my name
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2021.12.05 02:18 thatturkeystaken If I had the horizontal coil disconnected inside my crt, would that damage it?

it's smaller (5 inch) and black and white if that makes any difference, also im more worried about the high voltage components than the burn in to just clarify
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2021.12.05 02:18 meme_ism69 Do waves exist or are there just things that are wavy?

In the beginning of the video 'Do chairs exist?' Michael asks this very interesting question. What do you think this question actually means? And what could be an answer to this question?
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2021.12.05 02:18 RyanwBoswell1991 The Romance of The Three Kingdoms English Audiobook Chapter 41

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2021.12.05 02:18 juststopyourcrying 23F so bored🙃

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2021.12.05 02:18 lelemuren How does the iron ATP generation work?

I have no idea why my iron -> ATP isn't working. I have iron stored up, there's oxygen and nitrogen.
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2021.12.05 02:18 GreatMilitaryBattles On the march.

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