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The anxiety of calling in sick

2021.12.05 01:26 BeanEad The anxiety of calling in sick

I came across this sub a while ago and It really resonated with me, It's 4am right now and I have a flu along with a blocked ear I can't hear out of, smart thing would be to ring in sick to work at 8am when the managers will be in.
But the part of us that have work so ingrained into our souls and need the money unable to afford to lose the job would obviously rather go into work for a 9 hour shift whilst sick to avoid the;
return to work in the office, the judgemental tone over the phone, "can't you just come in?", "did you get a doctors note?"
2 weeks ago I had to call in for my cat being extremely unwell, so this would be my 2nd day and I've only been here a month. I hate that this is what I have to worry about and that I can't call in for myself without feeling scared to lose my job...
unsure this post is even allowed, but if anyone reads this, thank you and godspeed to me in 3 hours :))
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2021.12.05 01:26 Cumminraman IT’S GREAT TO BE A MICHIGAN WOLVERINE!!!

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2021.12.05 01:26 Spinach_Solid Alcohol delivery

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2021.12.05 01:26 MidlandsRepublic2048 A reasonable price for an 04-06 GTO sub-100k miles?

Hey guys. I know there's specific subreddits for this kind of talk but I figured my fellow Pontiac lovers might be a little more in tune than the wider subreddits for car shopping might be.
I've pretty much settled on the fact that the GTO will be my next car. Both as my first fun car and new daily driver.
I know this car is rare and I know it does have a few common issues that are usually corrected early on. But tell me guys, what's the real prices I can expect or what you would charge for your own GTO?
Knowledge is power right? Especially in negotiations
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2021.12.05 01:26 dutchplanderlin35 I absolutely love video games, do you think If there are no video games in heaven I would be disappointed or would God fill my soul with something else?

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2021.12.05 01:26 Den3453 CLOCKWORK + ATOMIX you name him down below

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2021.12.05 01:26 karmicviolence [Vans x Tierra Whack] Half Cab - 12/3

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2021.12.05 01:26 Skittyrox Regen of a Created Character

Does anyone know what potentials come out for regens out of created players? I wanted to have some decent players that aren’t from the normal countries, but I also don’t want them to have 97 potential as well, so I was going to put in 37 year olds who would retire after one season. However, I need an overall rating to set them at.
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2021.12.05 01:26 Gearax SMH I was doing them a service

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2021.12.05 01:26 HLMenckenFan Trump's social media venture says it has raised $1 bln

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2021.12.05 01:26 Jumpy_Garbage_2710 please comment if u have a gun and you live in canada and like making ppl happy

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2021.12.05 01:26 Mybuttholeburns12 Help im stuck at a dead end

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2021.12.05 01:26 skysoleno Nepenthes cuttings - growth but no roots?

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2021.12.05 01:26 Deezoo_Senpai Not only can you get Shaymin in 1.1.2. You can also shiny hunt it easily

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2021.12.05 01:26 gr3ybacon33 Bad mental health days, rewatching some of my favorite vids

My mental health has not been great these past two weeks. When things get like this I like to rewatch videos that help buoy me. Below are my go-to's, what are yours?
Perspective: https://youtu.be/5ooCeoh6608
On Loneliness: https://youtu.be/RoVrAuIB_mc
Your Illness is Not Your Fault: https://youtu.be/3krVl6UMIeo
Mental Health Tips from People Who've Been There: https://youtu.be/X4gVWzbuytk
What To Do With Your Life: https://youtu.be/3lkn8MS3n8Q
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2021.12.05 01:26 EgonVector What did Elton John say when he was served undercooked fried eggs?

It's a little bit runny...
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2021.12.05 01:26 P1pslyTheGreat What do you want for Christmas?

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2021.12.05 01:26 Shroomyloony Tips for parrying Hito’s charged heavies?

I couldn’t find a post asking the same question, sorry if it’s frequently asked
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2021.12.05 01:26 JankyBoness Do you carry the regret of hurting someone that loved you and gave you their all?

My ex and I broke up 3 months ago and I guess I’m looking for my own piece of mind. I just have to wonder if he regrets, truly regrets how deeply he hurt me. I gave him my whole world.
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2021.12.05 01:26 __phlogiston__ My eyeliner is perfect in this picture.

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2021.12.05 01:26 MeepFeet Speedrun Suggestion

I think Eazy should speedrun Terraria to beat Plantera, since beating Moon Lord could be too long or too hard-
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2021.12.05 01:26 Many-Egg-5643 [M19] Just curious where I stand?

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2021.12.05 01:26 dai1izer Thanks in advance!

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2021.12.05 01:26 Individual-Assist991 Opinions on ghost game

What are your opinion on digimon ghost game from 1st episode until now .
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2021.12.05 01:26 NightmareSmith Lesbians, explain.

So I have this friend (Not very close, but definitely on good terms) and she often puts her arms on my shoulders (She's fairly short, I'm slightly taller than average) and starts a lot of conversations with me. A lot of classic flirting stuff, except one thing. She's openly lesbian, and I'm a pretty masculine guy. What's going on?
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