I think I'm Autistic. Can a regular doctor diagnose that?

2021.12.05 02:22 joyandmiracles I think I'm Autistic. Can a regular doctor diagnose that?

29F 220 lbs, 66in Caucasian Complaint: I suspect I'm autistic. Existing Medical Conditions: PMDD, ADHD, Developmental Coordination Disorder Not currently taking medications I do not drink, smoke, or use recreational drugs. Family History: 2 of my brothers have Autism. I also was physically, emotionally, and sexually abused. I am currently in therapy and have been for almost 2 years. I've made enormous progress and am very proud of myself for that.
My big question is can I tell all of this to like my primary care doctor and get diagnosed? I legitimately struggle at work, and I'm terrified that some of my quirks are going to get me fired.
Indicators I chewed on my crib so much as a baby I broke my teeth. I know that I walked at 14 months. I had significant challenges in kindergarten. I was eventually diagnosed with Developmental Coordination Disorder and did an extra year of school called "Developmental First Grade" before proceeding to first grade. After first grade, I tested into the gifted program and made perfect grades until I graduated. I had dysgraphia as well. I struggled with verbal expression. My entire life I've struggled with skin-picking. I didn't have any friends. I also didn't really care. I didn't know to care. I had intense interests. From the age of 9-19, I wanted to be a neurosurgeon and spent every hour of my day outside of school studying anatomy and physiology. I had college textbooks and coloring books I used to memorize all the different parts of the body. I never make eye contact with anyone. It makes it harder to hear them. I'm extremely sensitive to sound. I've broken down into tears over how sensitive I am to sound. I'm also sensitive to light, and if no one else is in the office at my work, I'll work all day with just my desk lamps on. I've been described as having a "blunted affect" by a psychiatrist. I treat everyone the same regardless of position and status. So I talk to my boss the same way I talk to my therapist or my sister. I tend to overshare. I don't recognize it as oversharing. It's more like the information I am giving feels essential to me. I'm horribly blunt and honest. It shocks people sometimes. I can't read between the lines very well. I also don't always recognize jokes or sarcasm. I listen to the same song over and over and over and over for days and weeks on end. I tap the side of my leg all the time when I'm thinking. I move my arms a lot when I'm in church. My husband jokes that I'm conducting the band, but it's how my body responds to music. I accidentally repeat people all the time without even thinking about it. I get incredibly stressed if my routine is messed with. I've melted down over that several times. I also get incredibly stressed if my desk is messed with at work. I tend to eat the same thing every single day unless my husband basically makes me eat something different. When he was gone at basic training, I ate the exact same meal every day 3 times per day. I have the exact same conversation with every new person I meet. I rehearse conversations because I often lose the ability to speak. It's like my mind can't think and talk at the same time. I'm so interested in web design and development as well as graphic design that I taught myself as a hobby and ended up being so good at it that I was hired to do that full time. I remember everyone's birthday of every person who's ever told me their birthday. I remember strings of numbers and maps effortlessly. I'm completely indifferent to pain. It shocks people that I'm not more bothered when I am injured. My coworker has a plant on her desk that I walk by and touch every single time I am talking to her. She bought me one just so I could have my own.

Anyways, I could write a book long list... so I think I'll stop here for now.

Premorbid 51 - Average
OTBM 47 - Average
DTBM 51 - Average
Attention / Working 51 - Average
Processing Speed 45 - Average
Verbal Reasoning 42 - Below Average
Visual Reasoning 43 - Below Average
Verbal Memory 57 - Above Average
Visual Memory 59 - Above Average
General Intellectual Ability As part of the evaluation, she completed the WAIS-IV. Overall, her intellectual functioning was in the Average range (Full Scale IQ 92, 30 %ile). Her Verbal Comprehension Index score was 83 and fell in the Low Average range (13 %ile). Her nonverbal functioning was 82 and fell in the Low Average range (Perceptual Reasoning Index, 12 %ile). Her Working Memory was 97 (ability to hold information in mind and manipulate it) in the Average range (42 %ile). Her Processing Speed index score was 105 and fell in the Average range (63 %ile). The Processing Speed Index Score was 105, which fell in the Average range.
Attention & Concentration Tasks included in this domain assess a variety of attention-concentration tasks, ranging from simple to complex/divided, and ability to hold information in mind for cognitive manipulation. Attention & Working Memory Domain performance was overall in the Average range, which was within her expected level of performance. She showed consistency in performance across the tasks that make up this domain.
Simple auditory attention for numeric sequences was in the Average range (Digit Span). This score was within the expected level of performance (2 T Score points above). Supra-span capacity for contextual auditory-verbal information was in the Above Average range. About 21 syllables of contextual information could be processed (absorbed & recited); beyond that the volume and/or context of the information degraded (Sentence Repetition). General working memory requiring the ability to keep information in mind while performing cognitive problems was in the Below Average range.
Executive Functioning Overall reasoning and problem solving fell in the Below Average range. Her ability to think flexibly without making excessive errors was low average, but still within generally normal functioning limits. The Stroop measures simple and complex reaction time, inhibition / disinhibition, mental flexibility and directed attention. Her overall performance on this measure was Below Average (SS 86).
Overall social acuity was Average (SS 103). The POET measures how well an individual can perceive and identify specific emotions. For positive emotions, she performed in the Average range (SS 109). For negative emotions, she performed in the Impaired range (SS 68). The NVRT measures how well an individual can perceive and understand the meaning of visual or abstract information and recognize the relationships between visual-abstract concepts. On the RT, she performed in the Below Average range (SS 87).
Emotional Functioning The Series of Assessments to Guide Evaluation (SAGE) is a series of 13 self-report tests used to diagnose 30 of the most common DSM-5 disorders. On the SAGE-SR she endorsed and met criteria for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
On the GAD-7 her score of 10 is suggestive of moderate anxiety. On the PHQ-9 her score of 3 is suggestive of minimal depression.
On the Social Responsiveness Scale, Second Edition (SRS-2) her total score of 164 (T 94) falls into the severe range. On the Social Communication and Interaction scale her score of 128 (T 90) falls into the severe range. On the Restricted Interests and Repetitive Behavior scale her score of 36 (T 100) falls into the severe range. Scores in this range indicate deficiencies in reciprocal social behavior that are clinically significant and lead to severe and enduring interference with everyday social interactions.
Behavioral Dysfunction There are no indications of maladaptive externalizing behavior in the protocol. PATIENT'S responses indicate a higher-than-average level of behavioral constraint. She is unlikely to engage in externalizing, acting-out behavior. In addition, she describes others as well-intentioned and trustworthy and disavows cynical beliefs about them. She is possibly overly trusting.
Interpersonal Functioning Scales PATIENT describes herself as lacking in positive qualities. She also reports being unassertive. She reports not enjoying social events and avoiding social situations, including parties and other events where crowds are likely to gather. She very likely is socially introverted, has difficulty forming close relationships, and is emotionally restricted. She also reports being shy, easily embarrassed, and uncomfortable around others. She is likely to be socially inhibited, anxious and nervous in social situations, and viewed by others as socially awkward.
On the Neurobehavioral Symptom Inventory, she showed a raw score of 25. Compared to a normative sample her score was 68 T (higher scores denote more symptoms reported). The average individual would be expected to show a T Score of 50. On the NSI Affective Scale she showed a score of 52 T which falls into the normal expected range. On the NSI Cognitive Scale she showed a score of 75 T which indicates that she is reporting higher levels of cognitive complaints, suggesting increased difficulties performing cognitive tasks. On the NSI Somatosensory Scale she showed a score of 73 T which indicates that she is reporting higher levels of somatic complaints, suggesting increased physical difficulties or complaints. On the NSI Vestibular Scale she showed a score of 56 T which falls within her normal expected range. She reported symptoms in the “Severe” or “Very Severe” range to the following questions:
Overall Impression Results of the current evaluation are interpreted in the context of adequate performance validity and Average estimated baseline functioning. Her overall cognitive performance was in the Average range which was within her expected level of performance. She demonstrated relative weaknesses on tasks of reasoning and executive functioning. More specifically, her ability to identify important information from distractors was impaired. She also had difficulty identifying essential from nonessential information.
Regarding psychiatric signs and symptoms, PATIENT met criteria for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. She endorsed a moderate degree of anxiety which is likely contributing to her overall presentation. Her cognitive pattern was strongly associated with sleep and anxiety related disorders (.70). PATIENT also endorsed significant difficulties related to social reciprocity, however, her overall social acuity was within expectations.
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I've been burned twice trying for evolution trades with just randos online, having lost a Graveller and a Machoke, but those being fairly common in the undergroud were no big deal to go and replace and eventually I managed to successfully trade those replacements. However, I've put some effort into training my Haunter and Kadabra. Not that they're probably anything special by competitive standards, but I'd be annoyed if I had to go track down and raise brand new ones. So I was figuring maybe I could more reliably find someone who won't steal my Pokemon if I look here than just go online and cross my fingers. Let me know if you're interested.
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I'm in a cuddly mood
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Or just any sort of exploration in an abandoned area.
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2021.12.05 02:22 crucifixioncruise Why are everyone else’s dreams so poetic and “dream-like” while mine are always really oddly specific and random?

This is hard to describe but when I read or hear about others’ dreams it sounds unreal to me, like they are making it up almost. They seem so symbolic and poetic and have these themes to them, and a surreal or dream like quality. People often talk about dreaming about drowning or falling or being in a forest or running away from something or seeing animals, etc. things that seem very poetic and general. Oceans, forests, dark or enclosed spaces, vast landscapes, dramatic incidents, clocks, animals, family members, etc. Now I know that they are not made up but it seems crazy to me to hear because my dreams are always really detailed and specific and seem completely random and like they would never be published by a psychoanalysis as an example. My dreams are always about very specific plots that are intricate and difficult to explain, and revolve around specific details that make them seem non-poetic.
For example last night I dreamed that I was searching for a therapist online but I had to go on vacation with her to get her services. She was about my age and for some reason we were roommates. She also had a sister and was Russian. Most of the dream was me trying on her clothes and I remember the brand names, then eating breakfast with her, then being left alone for a while in the house, then making myself a bowl of cereal and looking for the bowls, then walking to a boat, etc. part of the dream was also watching a movie about two Russian men (who were her brothers— at some point I was in the movie?) and at one point they set a cat on fire, there is also a psychiatrist who advises them not to? The specifics are even weirder like the cats belly was open for some reason, but it was gross in the dream/movie. And the cat became a book at one point.
Why aren’t my dreams more poetic or haunting? Or more unified? They’re mostly full of crap and random details and intricate confusing plots.
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Will I get questioned or rejected if I buy more than one Apple Watch for wellness fund reimbursement? No idea what else I can buy to use up the fund by the end of year.
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Gonna pull for his BiS too !
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