Sent UST to USDT ERC20 address. How to recover?

2021.12.05 01:26 wjason777 Sent UST to USDT ERC20 address. How to recover?

Hello, I sent UST coins from my coinbase account to a USDT ERC20 address at a different exchange as a deposit. I reached out to the receiving exchange and they are not able to help. I also reached out to coinbase , but due to the high call volume, I'm unable to get live help. I also tried submitting a ticket online , but I'm unable to get the ticket submitted ( it keeps saying that the amount, email or hash address is incorrect).

Is there any way i could get this transaction reversed or at least sent back to the original sending address? Is it anything I could do at all?
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2021.12.05 01:26 Mission_Wonder How long to get to level 60 playing one hour a day?

Want to play casually, Night Elf Druid. 1 hour a day during the week, 2 hours a day over the weekend. No dungeons, no questie (though looking stuff online when needed).
How long would it take to get from 1 to 60?
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2021.12.05 01:26 MichaelFurburger Fifty Shades of Gray and Tomato Soup. A hot and steamy poem.

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2021.12.05 01:26 Upperphonny Its not easy being in the mob

The working man is a sucker. You know how hard it is getting up and going to those job sites? You sit there in chairs with the guys from 10:30 to 3, eat some food, collect the money, and do it again the next day. What did they ever get to have worked their balls off for?
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2021.12.05 01:26 rhi-dabsss 22 [F4A] likeminded friends??🤔

i love photography, smoking A LOT of weed, watching sitcoms like the office and parks & rec, i enjoy walking any nature trails i find, & also sneakers! i listen to mostly rap music. would prefer girls over guys messaging me but if you can hold a convo, ik we can get along just fine. if you have similar interests, even better!! no one over 30 please ((:
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2021.12.05 01:26 currentlyclueless Selling Clash Of Clans Townhall 14 and 13

Message me for pictures of either account and more details. PayPal as payment.
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2021.12.05 01:26 UberMisty82 Shakepay Referral Code - 💕 Get $30 and unlock ShakingSats (free Bitcoin every day for shaking your phone) (Canada Only)

Sign up with Shakepay get $30 deposited into your account after trading $100 and unlock the ShakingSats reward program which gives you free BTC everyday when you shake your phone.
Code without link: 0XMDQU0
If you have already signed up and forgot to use a code. Use this link and enter code 0XMDQU0
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2021.12.05 01:26 GerianSama Need some help...

My local pet store doesn't sell algae wafers anymore, any tips on feeding my pleco aside algae wafers?
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2021.12.05 01:26 TheBlurgMan 26 [M4F] Dayton Ohio - Trying to find my weirdo

I wanna find my weirdo. The kind of person I'm looking for will wrestle with me and have play fights. They'd also be someone that can dish out and take a good roast. I want that lightsaber fights, dress up for ren faires, singings stupid songs, and teasing each other kinda fun. I want to binge stupid shows while cuddled up with snacks. Going on some adventures would be pretty awesome too. So let's be dorks together.
What would be fantastic is the kind of relationship that offers mutual peace, comfort, and intimacy.
Please don't be more than a half hour drive away and trading pictures early on is preferred (mutual attraction is important for a healthy relationship).
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2021.12.05 01:26 SAOkyy VIZ Chainsaw Man and JJK reprints, new paper, new quailty

Hi everyone, I very recently started purchasing JJK and CSM and with the new reprints for many of the volumes I noticed that volume 1 for JJK and the new volume 1 for CSM at my local Barnes and Nobles felt, off. They felt, "cheaper" and more stiff, but I didn't really have a direct comparison.
I very recently ordered a replacement JJK 0 since mine from the original print was in poor condition. Having the old volume next to this one, there is a clear difference. I'll outline some of the changes below, with the most data I can.
SIZING: The first thing I noticed was the book is slightly taller than my original volume 0. I know VIZ media has pretty lose quality control, especially recently, so I'm not going to call this much of a "new print issue", rather, a general VIZ issue. The new vol. 0 is around 1.5 mm taller, but this is not totally out of the ordinary for VIZ.
The first major issue I noticed was the spine of the volume, not only is the new book thinner, more on this later, but the spine goes into the cover since it is thinner. In this first photo, a comparison between the two volumes on the spine side is shown ( For the original volume, I measured 16.65 mm, and for the new volume I measured 14.93 mm for the spine width. This explains why the spine art shows around 1.6 mm onto the front cover of the new volume (
The page thickness varies between the volumes. The old volume has a cover thickness of 0.30 mm, while the new one has a cover thickness of 0.35 mm. The page thickness from the original is 0.15 mm, and 0.13 mm on the new print.
CREASING: This is the most frustrating part for me. When writing this, I have not read the volume, I have only opened it three times, and the cover has noticeable creases at the points where it is glued ( The cover creased without even putting much effort into it. Compared to one of my most read volumes, One Piece volume 1, which I have personally read 3 times, and had 2 other people read fully recently, this is how it looks ( It has no cover creases at the glue spot.
PRINT QUALITY: Personally, this is what I find the most concerning. Frankly, it's not great. Below are some comparisons between the two volumes. Please note, I have not read JJK at all so I am just trying to find pages without what I think might be spoilers.

First Print Fourth Print
Title Page
Title Page 2
Random Panel (New print in front)
It seems like the shaded regions within pages are less dark in the new print, which makes some pages look cheaper.
The pages of the new prints seem to be a much brighter white color, but I have no way to check this for sure since my volume 0 may be yellowed since it is not completely new. The covers also seem to have slightly different color print quality, but this could be due to so many different factors and it isn't something worth looking into imo since it's such a small difference, that may just be due to the age of the other volume.
CONCLUSION: I know I am being picky about this, I'm not going to act like I'm not. I looked into these two books this much because when I was looking at Chainsaw Man volume 1 in store, I thought the copies were bootleg or something. I bring all this to attention since I was to ask others, has anyone else noticed this reprint quality? Do the books feel different to you?
I'm worried that if this is the new quality VIZ will be printing with, volumes will start getting damaged much easier, and overall look less quality. This could also just be something VIZ is doing to cut costs on printing volumes that are in super high demand at the moment. If anyone has any thoughts, please share them in the comments, I'd like to hear what you have to say.
SUMMARY TABLE: Comparison between first and fourth print:
January 2021 Print (First Print) April 2021 (Fourth Print)
Height 189.02 mm 190.50 mm
Overall Thickness 16.65 mm 14.93 mm
Cover Thickness 0.30 mm 0.35 mm
Page Thickness 0.15 mm 0.13 mm
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2021.12.05 01:26 Algonquin11 Lights Are Up!

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2021.12.05 01:26 rippedbodd 21M am I?

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2021.12.05 01:26 --Sigma-- Printed with abs, separated layers and warping. Any advice is appreciated!

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2021.12.05 01:26 Conscious_Deer_7056 Husband censoring my speech..?

tldr: my husband hates when I say fuck/fucking and makes me feel extremely guilt for saying it occasionally
I didn't know how to communicate well and I used to swear a lot when we argued out of frustration, it's hard to look back on now because it was really horrible behavior which I understand now.
I agreed to not use swear when we argued, or disrespectfully towards him, and he'd do the same to me. Yet he always says extremely hurtful things, and I tell him not to use that language but he doesn't make any effort to withhold that language.
Two years into our marriage and he still gets angry with me when I say fuck/fucking "too much" even when talking to family, joking around, not even saying it to him at all. If he hears it, he's usually in a horrible mood and makes me feel incredibly guilty after.
I can understand I don't want to be rude when were arguing, I've worked on my communication a lot, and I feel I'm even more level headed than him when we argue now! Considering all the changes and effort I've put into communication, I feel like it's extremely unreasonable to not "allow" me to say it in normal situations! Sometimes he lets it slide, but other times it's like the end of the world.
I don't know if I'm being selfish, or if he's being unreasonable... It feels very unfair from my pov. I wish we could get a therapist to help sort it out, because I know this isn't the best method of advice, but I'm feeling very exhausted and would just like some other perspectives...
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2021.12.05 01:26 marcusbrian009 Oh having a measurement method which is different from the rest of the world is TIGHT!

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2021.12.05 01:26 Blackbeard03infantry Thoughts

Michigan is much like our 2014/2015 Nat champion buckeyes… right or wrong?
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2021.12.05 01:26 AndrettiPlays Bald heads give all y’all cancer!

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2021.12.05 01:26 TheMAGG0T Black portal

Im kinda new at the game and don't know much, but a few portals after I hit 100 bonus stages, a all black portal appeared when i got the purple box, and I missed it. Im curious to know if that was a texture bug or some rare event, idk.
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2021.12.05 01:26 Reasonable_Butt Comfortable front opening bra?

Had a unilateral mastectomy with reconstruction on the 24th and I’m still wearing the “Memorial Secret” bra the hospital gave me. Any advice for a comfortable front opening bra? My reconstructed breast is going to be large than my other until after chemotherapy and radiation if that makes a difference. (If you want to check out my breast three days post mastectomy check out my profile.)
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2021.12.05 01:26 Velox94 Its possible Lizard and Sandman may be entirely CG, with no Actor. The posters and the recent villain actor interview is leading me to believe this. If they did have actors why exclude them from the posters or interview?

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2021.12.05 01:26 Trickytori84 Why am I always the one who is expected to know what my kids want for Christmas?

Apologies in advance for this vent!
This happens to me every fucking year. Me (37) and my husband's (40) parents have both divorced and remarried, so there are four sets of Grandparents. Leading up to Christmas, (actually and birthdays, come to think of it) my phone gets blown up with either calls and texts asking me to tell them what to get the kids for Christmas. My husband is never bothered with this stuff.
I know it might seem trivial, but I'm tired of being to one to come up with separate ideas for everyone so presents don't clash every year. I'm not even allowed to suggest giftcards because "they can't be wrapped, and put under a tree". Anyway apologies, I digress.
Today it all came to a head because I ignored MIL's phonecall, so she called husband. He comes into me all huffy "mum's going Christmas shopping and wants to know what to get *daughter", me: "where is she going?", him: "I don't know", so I say "then I don't know". And I left it at that.
Half an hour later he is rung again, and I get a "I thought you were going to text mum." First of all he never asked me to text her, and second, he still hadn't asked her where she's going. Apparently now it's ME that's in the bad books.
We ended up having a row, I told him that I am not their only parent, and it's not just up to me to know what our kids are into. His argument is because I spend more time with them while he's at work (I also work BTW.) Our kids are coming into the age where they don't really play with toys any more, but he doesn't want them to have electronics. I'm at a loss.
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2021.12.05 01:26 Shadow1893 [Serious] For people who have girlfriends, what have you/would you do if you witnessed a man catcalling/harassing your girlfriend in public?

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2021.12.05 01:26 Cardiac_Arrest1 jeremy

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2021.12.05 01:26 Perobita Lanchinho da Madrugada 👍

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2021.12.05 01:26 Which-Role6078 There are Some big partnerships announced by Teneo to beneficial their growth

TENEO is a multi-layered yield generation protocol based on the trading of pegged-tokens. Users can swap tokens for their ten-tokens counterpart and start earning fees generated from trading activities.
Recently, they have announced a strategic partnership with BlueHorizonNFT, a hybrid platform that has the best elements of NFTs, DeFi & blockchain.
Teneo is planning to add NFTs to its catalog of earning opportunities and at Blue Horizon they are actively exploring how they can allow Teneo users to mint Teneo NFTs on the Blue Horizon platform.
BLH token holders could also benefit from Teneo's core offering and lock up their BLH tokens on the Teneo platform to earn passive income, with Teneo minting a tenBLH token. IMO, this is a potential partnership and will be highly beneficial for both the ventures. However, Teneo has also announced a partnership with MilestoneBased, a collaboration platform that helps increase the efficiency of capital through aligning interests.
These interesting partnerships will help to pump the price of their token. Some more big partnerships a incoming.
Website: Twitter: Telegram:
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