Can I use udemy course project in my portfolio? If yes to what extent ?

2021.11.28 22:49 TopAsk9563 Can I use udemy course project in my portfolio? If yes to what extent ?

So I got a JS course on udemy I'm really passionate about and I find myself everyday spending 12h without getting distracted..
I have finished BSc degree in CS but I don't have exposure to real life projects. I was hoping this udemy course would help me build up portfolio.
So there is a recipe app as part of the course , it is a project and the instructor said we can include it in our portfolio. I'm struggling to understand what he meant by that.. is it legal to just use his code ? To what extend I can use it in my portfolio?
And about the portfolio, how would u advice to start off ?
Make a simple 1 page Web app with simple projects ?
Any advice would be HIGHLY APPRECIATED.
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2021.11.28 22:49 5Roy5Boy5 Girls do you have any questions for guys?

Me and the guys will try to answer em.
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2021.11.28 22:49 Mysterious-Cress-190 He’s too Strong

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2021.11.28 22:49 StariiDelta looks like they couldn’t decide on a title for luke’s bday event lol

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2021.11.28 22:49 reddingcue Scheduled on a requested day off

i texted my manager awhile ago that i needed the 22nd to the 29th off since i’d be out of town. i look at this weeks schedule and i’m supposed to open tortilla tomorrow. she knows the days i requested off and that i can’t work tomorrow so should i send her a lil reminder that i’m not supposed to work tomorrow or should i just not show up
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2021.11.28 22:49 Grelli2 Rent Pro-Shot or the Movie?

I've been recently been inspired by Tick Tick Boom to watch Rent for the first time. I found both the pro-shot and the movie. Which would be the best to start with?
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2021.11.28 22:49 EestiMentioned [/r/CryptoCurrencyTrading] Centaurify - ⚡ Launching Now on BSC

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2021.11.28 22:49 Cultural_Question702 Profile evaluation for MS in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

I recently graduated with a BS in biochemistry and was looking to apply to some computational biology/ bioinformatics masters programs and then work in industry. How competitive are the masters programs and would I be a competitive applicant? -I know that masters are generally less competitive than phd but I do not have much programming background. Any input helps!
Some stats/background:
-Biochemistry BS (gpa 3.9+) w/ numerous honors and awards
-Have some experience with pymol and python
-Tutored and taught gen chem for recitation sessions
-currently work at a mrna biotech company
-did undergrad research in biophysical chem lab and attended conferences and presented posters, (in process of coauthoring 2 publications- 1 will be first author)
-I am taking some introductory python, c++, and linear algebra courses at my local community college to have some formal computational background to increase my candidacy
I plan to apply to Boston University, Northeastern, Georgetown, Carnegie, Cornell, UMich, Berkeley (bioengineering / bioinformatics conc), and UCLA
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2021.11.28 22:49 muchtwojaded From an actual furniture store and only a damn print...

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2021.11.28 22:49 LeviathanOpatches I know it seems hard but I believe in you. My wife wrote this in a Dark time

My name is Levi Heichelbech, and I represent my wife, the artist Superst*R and her song of suicide awareness and prevention called Carry On. As the holidays progress, more and more people will feel the stress of family and as it is noted there is a higher rate of suicide during the holiday season. We are hoping to prevent this with words of encouragement so we would like you to hear this song and hopefully pass it on to all of those at the organization. The song link is here.
Either way, thank you for your time and reading this message, and happy holidays!
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2021.11.28 22:49 Monster2239 The views are less than the likes.

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2021.11.28 22:49 magakag11 Z Fold 3 Trade in

Will I be able to trade in my Z Fold 3 for S22 Ultra when it comes out?
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2021.11.28 22:49 BooksandBiceps What To Buy For $1000-1500 Assuming a Paid-For 3090

  1. >**What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.**
  2. PC Gaming - Have a few years to catch up on.
  3. >**What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?**
  4. * $1000-1500
  5. >**When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.**
  6. * Ideally ASAP.
  7. >**What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc\)**
  8. CPU, Cooler, PSU, Storage, Case, potentially RAM.
  9. >**Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?**
  10. Washington State - No MC sadly.
  11. >**If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.**
  12. Have a 3090, and decent 3200 RAM with good timings I can reuse.
  13. >**Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?**
  14. Happy to try OC the CPU - not aware of overclocking a 3090 producing any real results, though open to undervolting.
  15. >**Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)**
  16. Nope - Just looking for good bang-for-buck.
  17. >**Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?**
  18. Nope.
  19. >**Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?**
  20. I do not.
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2021.11.28 22:49 ToadlyAwes0me I recently inherited a collection of silver dollars, any tips for a novice coin collector?

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2021.11.28 22:49 Constant-Raisin-156 Piggy my fat cat.

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2021.11.28 22:49 qwack2020 Amphibia & Darksiders 2 are quite similar

I’m putting in spoilers just in case. Btw go plan Darksiders 2, brilliant game right off the bat and the ball keeps flying.
I won’t provide links, I’ll trust the fandom to search for it themselves.
Watch the opening cutscene of Darksiders 2and watch the Absalom cutscenes too.
The. rewatch Andrias’s scenes with The Core in The First Temple and then watch his scene explaining the true purpose of the Music Box in True Colors.
I found it interesting how both series lore is a little similar.
Man can you imagine if the fight choreography scenes in Darksiders 2 had it’s similar “style” in Amphibia?
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2021.11.28 22:49 eaglemaxie Fauci: ’I’m going to be saving lives and they're going to be lying’

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2021.11.28 22:49 FunkyPanda94 Bored at work and thought I'd share some pics from flip to harvest. Cultivars are Blue Java and a Mislabeled Cultivar. AMA

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2021.11.28 22:49 themightyox Live Stream schedule for the 2 weeks. 11-29 through 12-10.

OxMarket Trading. Live Stream! - Twitch OxMarket Trading. Live Stream! - Youtube   Heya all,   Below is the stream schedule for the next 2 weeks. The channel is growing fast and I got to say your support has been amazing.  
On the streams im not just showing me taking trades, but im explaining various things about entires and exits, strategy, how to read the charts. I answer questions that people have. ANd explain why I take a trade and why I didnt. I really hope you join me on a stream!  
MOnday 11-29 7:45PM EDT  
Tuesday 11-30 7:30AM EDT  
Wednesday 12-1 7:45PM EDT  
Thursday 12-2 7:30AM EDT  
Friday 12-3 7:30AM EDT    
MOnday 12-6 7:45PM EDT  
Tuesday 12-7 7:30AM EDT  
Wednesday 12-8 7:45PM EDT  
Thursday 12-9 7:30AM EDT  
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2021.11.28 22:49 TheDownunderBlunder [OC] U-Genes homunculus

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2021.11.28 22:49 dirtysheets23 Telegram: Join Group Chat

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2021.11.28 22:49 dcforce EXCLUSIVE: Disturbing Details Emerge From Inside Australian Quarantine Camps

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2021.11.28 22:49 helpfulhondadealer34 Worship porn ass

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2021.11.28 22:49 RnKeegan Registeel 8775 6788 9122 inviting 10

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2021.11.28 22:49 DoorToDoorGeek Sous vide and re-cooling: here is why they are a golden duo

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