73z2e i5iit 8s8bf t5ba8 kni56 n645a 323kk 7zde8 zdnye yb92b 79se4 itzak 249kb kh3rr zbtaz 2z3zh 4shh2 9yfzy thktz n77di i3n54 The Devil | Colored Pencil | 26*22cm |

The Devil | Colored Pencil | 26*22cm

2021.12.05 02:55 AliaraVenjer The Devil | Colored Pencil | 26*22cm

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2021.12.05 02:55 MarcoTalin World Tag League 2021 Night 8 Block Standings & Analysis

Hello njpw
Now that the World Tag League has entered the final stretch, it's time for me to go into that tournament and see who's doing well and who isn't.

Team Faction Points Status
Dangerous Tekkers Suzuki-gun 12 In
Great-O-Khan & Aaron Henare United Empire 12 In
Tetsuya Naito & Sanada Los Ingobernables de Japon 12 In
Hirooki Goto & Yoshi-Hashi Chaos 12 In
Bad Luck Fale & Chase Owens Bullet Club 12 In
Guerillas of Destiny Bullet Club 10 In
Evil & Yujiro Takahashi House of Torture 10 In
Hiroshi Tanahashi & Toru Yano Main Unit+Chaos 8 In, Very Slim Odds (<0.01%)
Tencozy Main Unit 4 Out
Togi Makabe & Tomoaki Honma GBH 2 Out
Yuji Nagata & Tiger Mask Seigigun+Main Unit 2 Out
Minoru Suzuki & Taka Michinoku Suzuki-gun 0 Out
It's another tight race here, but in a different way from BOSJ. Right now, BOSJ is like a mountain, where Sho is sitting at the top, Hiromu & Despy are halfway up, and everyone else is near the base scrounging on top of each other to try and make their way up. On the other hand, World Tag League is like everyone at 10+ is already on top of the mountain, seeing who can keep their footing the longest while trying to push each other off. As a result, there's more to talk about with the top teams, so let's start with the team with the best chance of going to the finals
#1: Dangerous Tekkers (12 pts, 34.7% to go to the finals: 20.3% as first, 14.4% as second) Despite a minor setback on last night's show holding back the Tekkers from their position as sole block leaders, Taichi & Zack still have the best shot at going to the finals.
They've beaten LIJ, Bullet Club, and the Guerillas, and have an open match with Chaos. They did suffer some losses to the Empire and the House of Torture, but with most of their important matches settled, they're less worried about risking tie-breaks and more concerned with making points.
They have the least amount of open matches against 10+-pointers among all the 12-pointers, which means most of their remaining matches are against low-rung teams, those being GBH and Nagata & Tiger Mask, two teams with just one win on their record in this tournament so far.
Moreover, there's a 92% chance that the minimum score to get into the finals is 16, which means that, for anyone at 12 points, they need to get 2 more wins to have a good shot at the finals, and with 2 relatively easy teams on their horizon, Tekkers have a good shot at doing just that. Let's see if our tag champs can make their first World Tag League final.
#2: The United Empire (12 pts, 34.0% to go to the finals: 21.6% as first, 12.4% as second) The Empire had a great showing in last year's World Tag League. This year, O-Khan has a new partner, and they're doing the same, with a solid shot at the finals.
They've clinched wins against the other two in the top 3 teams so far, Tekkers & LIJ, as well as a nice win over the House of Torture. Their sole loss against a team still in contention is against Fale & Owens, who, spoilers for later, have the lowest chance of going to the finals among the 12-pointers. They have the best chance at being the top of the block by the end of block competition, thanks to their wins over Tekkers & LIJ.
They have a match against one of the low-rung teams (Tencozy, which is on the next World Tag League show), but after that, they have two big matches to worry about. The first is against the Chaos team of Goto & Yoshi, and then they have the Guerillas to deal with on the final night. Again, they want two more wins, so if they can beat Tencozy, then they'll have a bit more breathing room with those final two matches, but they must be wary of tie-break scenarios if they do lose to one of them. Still, those wins against Tekkers & LIJ should keep them afloat.
#3: Los Ingobernables de Japon (12 pts, 30.3% to go to the finals: 14.3% as first, 16.0% as second) LIJ had an excellent run to start this tournament, going 5-0 to lead the block early on. However, consecutive losses to the Tekkers & The Empire have caused them to fall behind those two teams in the odds pool. Still, they've beaten the other two 12-point teams (Chaos and Fale & Owens) in that initial 5-0 streak, so they're not doing too bad. They actually have the best shot at being #2 overall, which is fine in the current World Tag League format.
So what's left for them? Well, they have a match down the road against Nagata & Tiger Mask, but apart from that, they have to deal with the two current 10-point teams, who are hungry to make up for lost time. Their next match will be against the Guerillas, for whom a win is critical, and their final match will be against a team both of them are very familiar with: the House of Torture team of Evil & Yujiro.
How familiar? Obviously, the LIJ connection is there, as is the No Limit connection between Naito & Yujiro. However, they have a lot of experience in World Tag League. Naito has been to the finals of the World Tag League with both Yujiro & Evil, and Sanada has won two World Tag Leagues with Evil, so all of these guys know each other, and what it's like to be in the finals. It'll make for a very interesting match.
#4: Chaos (12 pts, 29.6% to go to the finals: 15.1% as first, 14.5% as second) The team of Goto & Yoshi are still hanging in there. They've managed to keep pace with the competition, but not in the best way. They've lost to LIJ and House of Torture, and their only big win is over the Guerillas, which is a fine feat to be fair. All of their other wins have come by low-rung teams.
However, Goto & Yoshi have the chance to correct that issue, because ALL of their remaining matches are against 12-point teams, including against the top two teams currently in the tournament: The Tekkers & The Empire. If they can score those two wins, they will be in prime position to go to the finals. First, though, they'll have to overcome the Bullet Club team of Fale & Owens, which will be their next match.
If Chaos wants that World Tag League trophy, which the faction hasn't done since 2009, they will have to earn it in this final stretch.
#5: Bullet Club (12 pts, 27.0% to go to the finals: 15.0% as first, 12.0% as second) The most unlikely team to be near the top of this list in many peoples eyes is Fale & Owens. They are currently the highest scoring Bullet Club team, higher even than House of Torture and the Guerillas, so they should be happy right now.
They've got a few pretty wins under their belt as well. They beat fellow Bullet Club team House of Torture, and they have a win over The Empire, which no other 12-point team has done yet. However, losses to LIJ and the Tekkers are keeping them from being favorites to go to the finals.
They can help correct this in their next two matches, though. First, they have the Chaos team on the next show, and then they'll have to prove their position by facing their fellow Bullet Club team of the Guerillas. Then, their tournament will end with a match against the Aces of New Japan Tanahashi & Yano.
Again, the most likely score to qualify for the finals is 16 points, so just two more wins will be a solid result for Fale & Owens.
#6: Guerillas of Destiny (10 pts, 7.2% to go to the finals: 2.4% as first, 4.8% as second) Dropping down a rung, we get to last year's World Tag League winners, The Guerillas of Destiny.
The Guerillas have had a rough tournament so far. They've lost to every top-contending team they've faced so far (Chaos, Tekkers, House of Torture), and all 10 of their points have been against lower-ranking teams: Suzuki-gun, GBH, Nagata & Tiger Mask, Tencozy, and most recently the Aces.
What this means is they will have to work the hardest if they want to successfully defend their trophy. As with Chaos, all of their remaining matches are against top-level teams, but unlike Chaos, there is a lot less leeway. As I've said, the most likely qualifying score for the finals is 16 and above, so if the Guerillas want a good chance, they must win EVERY match left, and with the teams they have, that will not be easy.
First, they have LIJ. Then, it'll be their Bullet club brothers Fale & Owens, and on the final night, they'll have to beat the juggernaut team of The Empire. If they drop one, they're almost certainly not making it to the finals, so they need to be on their A-game this week.
#7: House of Torture (10 pts, 6.9% to go to the finals: 2.2% as first, 4.7% as second) the other team at 10 points is everyone's favorite faction House of Torture. They're not doing quite as well as their brother Sho is doing in the BOSJ, but they're still in it.
Despite their position, House of Torture have had a pretty good tournament so far. They've beaten Chaos, the Guerillas, and, most recently, the tag champs Dangerous Tekkers, with their only major losses being to the Empire and to Fale & Owens.
As with the Guerillas, being at 10 points, there's a lot of pressure on House of Torture to win every match they have. Unlike the Guerillas, though, they have a relatively easier path left. Their next two matches are against GBH and Suzuki & Taka, two teams who, based on the tournament so far, are practically gimmes at this point, so getting to 14 shouldn't be too much of a struggle.
However, their final match, as I've discussed above, is against their old friends LIJ, and if one loss is all it takes to drop the House, then that is the one that is most likely to happen.
#8: Tanahashi & Yano (8 pts, 0.002% to go to the finals as second) Although I haven't been treating them as such, Toru & Hiroshi are still technically in contention to be in the finals. However, based on my calculations, they have a 4/262,144 chance of doing so. Immensely tiny. How does it happen?

This puts Chaos in 1st with 18 points, followed by Aces, The Empire, and Fale & Owens at 14, and then LIJ, Tekkers, House of Torture, and the Guerillas at 12. In this scenario, Aces will have beaten both The Empire & Fale & Owens, so they break that tie and go to the finals.
It's certainly a long shot, and requires specific outcomes for 16 of the 18 remaining matches, many of which are the less favored outcome. Still, it exists, so Tana & Yano are still technically alive in the World Tag League.
#9: Ties I'll mention it briefly here. There are a lot of ties, for both first place and for second place. I have 9% of results ending in either a deadlock 3-way tie or a 5+-way tie for first, and 12% results end in a similar way for second with a sole block leader on top. So far, I have 23 different 3-way deadlocks, which is understandable given the current scores, but still kinda crazy to think about. I'll elaborate more on these if they maintain after the next few shows, but I'll leave them alone for now.
#10: The Eliminated Teams The remaining teams are all dead, and have been for a few shows now. We have Tencozy at 4 pts, GBH at 2 pts, Nagata & Tiger Mask also at 2 pts, and at the bottom are Suzuki & Taka with 0 pts. They still have matches though, two of which are against each other (GBH vs Nagata & Tiger Mask and Tencozy vs Suzuki & Taka), and 6 that are against top-contending teams, which I outlined in the previous point with Tanahashi & Yano. If these guys win any of those 6 matches, it will be a huge upset, and a major spoiler for the team on the losing end, so these guys still have something to play for other than points.

So What's Next? The next show will have all four of our eliminated teams in separate matches, so it's point accumulation time for their opponents. Tekkers have Nagata & Tiger Mask, House of Torture have GBH, the Empire have Tencozy, and the Aces have Suzuki & Taka. We can probably expect the top teams to all win here, though that would pretty much be the end for Tanahashi & Yano if that happens.
Then, we have 12 pointers going at it, with Chaos taking on Fale & Owens. these two are the 12 pointers with the lowest chance of making it to the finals, so it's feast or famine for them.
Lastly, our main event has the Guerillas taking on LIJ. Again, every match for the Guerillas will be high stakes moving forward, but LIJ certainly aren't going to make it easy for them. LIJ can afford a loss, but losing to the Guerillas would be bad for them. Can the Guerillas keep themselves alive, or will LIJ snuff out their hopes for winning the trophies again?

That's all for this post. We have another BOSJ show today, so I'll be back tomorrow for the updates with the results from that show. I'm expecting at least two people to fall out of contention there, so standings are sure to shift after today's show. It should be exciting.
Until then, thanks for reading! See you next post.
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Pokémon keep getting stolen… anyone free to help me evolve a haunter and Kadabra? Link code 12128989 :)
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2021.12.05 02:55 Warning_Winter Residential Window Replacement Recommendations Needed!

Title is the TL;DR

Looking to have 6 windows and probably two sets of french doors replaced in Tempe. Appreciate all recommendations!
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2021.12.05 02:55 maybebaby136 Anyone have some campaign ideas they’d be willing to share?

I have a few I’m kicking around in my head but I’m looking for some more cause I’m not happy with my current ideas.

  1. Investigate and slay the beast and it’s minions
  2. Find the 4 artifacts of the Burach emperors and return them to help kill the bbeg (tbd, maybe the beast?)
  3. Kill the undead evil dragon thing in the monster grimoire. Have it tied to a necromancer raising an army to take over the world?
I’d love any other ideas people are willing to share. Thanks!
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2021.12.05 02:55 Mjolnirs_Might Looking for a CZ P07 light and optic compatible OWB holster

Finding it somewhat difficult to acquire. I have a P07 with a Streamlight TLR-7A that I intend to machine out and mount an optic on soon, and I'd like to invest in a good OWB/duty holster for it. Safariland would be my go-to but their CZ holsters aren't compatible with optics currently, so any help or directions would be greatly appreciated!
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2021.12.05 02:55 MadalynHendley 💰 ZTO coin | 📱 Cross-chain NFT social Media APP with built in AI tracing, NFT embedded posts & story sharing, Asset decentralized storage & 1 step NFT minting | 🌎 ZTOVERSE integrating real life businesses with NFT & create diverse NFT usages | 🎁 SUPER reflection + limited NFT drop reward | 🔗BSC

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ZTO Protocol
🌎 Website: https://ztocoin.com/
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💰 Core Team: 14%
💰 Initial Circulation: 35%*
💰 Platform: 25%
💰 Mining: 15%
💰 Staking: 5%
💰 VC & shareholders: 6%
Initial Circulating Supply: ~28% of total supply and will be vested.
4% Tax for reflections to holders
4% Marketing fund for perpetual growth
4% Liquidity
3% Developer Tax for continued innovation
Liquidity is locked!!!
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2021.12.05 02:55 ALETranslation2021 Is there linguistic discrimination in the publication of research?

Is there linguistic discrimination in the publication of research? The language you use to express yourself, your form and style of communication, and even the examples you use have a direct impact on how your research is perceived in your field and adopted among your peers.
But what if breakthrough and innovative research is being rejected by reviewers simply because it isn't written in 'standard English?'
We are delighted to welcome Professor Marnie Jo Petray, of Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania and Professor Gaillynn Clements, of Duke University, co-editors of the new book: Linguistic Discrimination in US Higher Education, to explore the question of language bias in academia.
December 16 at 8:30 PM Israel time/ 6:30 PM UK/ 1:30 PM EST on Zoom
Save your free spot to attend the interview!
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2021.12.05 02:55 ValueLucky1161 Can anyone make this excact watch face on watch maker its been deleted cause of the case with Samsung cutting down on devs making faces on the wearable app it was available on my s10 under "gearboy" but sadly on of the only ones that didn't transfer an is unavailable on my device

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