is3eb 9i7kh 3kfe2 9ss72 dy4ab 2net3 85f29 hzid8 t6i4a 83sny ete7y ft8ka zi668 6bydf s2b5n b4bye 2325y faden d529z z62e8 72y8r Where can I buy the Bose NC700 in Soapstone color from? |

Where can I buy the Bose NC700 in Soapstone color from?

2021.11.29 00:37 optimismauditor Where can I buy the Bose NC700 in Soapstone color from?

I would really like to get the Soapstone color of NC700. However, none of the online shopping sites on the US seem to carry them. I don't live in the USA but my relative intends on buying one for me from there as I am assuming that my best chances(if any) of finding that color are in the US only. Does anyone have any idea about where I can get that color from? Any online or offline stores that you know of? Thank you!
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2021.11.29 00:37 bushinmaster68 [Media] rem and ram ready to go to the beach by @na_suke1104

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2021.11.29 00:37 Mountain_Poem_6634 Everrise migration transaction shows NFT at the end… not seeing any info regarding A NFT as part of the migration?

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2021.11.29 00:37 PotentialJello4197 Are qdoba chips supposed to be made daily and only new chips served daily?

Advertising would seem to imply this, but in my experince it seems to not be that way. Also, my old boss from when I worked there wanted me to change the labels to make it look that way on the chip bins when an inspector was supposedly coming in soon, so I'm concerned it was company policy that was actually important. If so, what should I do with this information? It's been bugging me for a bit now
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2021.11.29 00:37 Umbrella_Corp_Labs What being a Erobb221 viewer feels like

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2021.11.29 00:37 Waterrisingup Ending the pattern

a Simple gesture
Yet it seizes my heart
Strapped with leather
Not uncomfortable
Just consuming
They keep coming
And the pressure keeps consuming
My chest feels nearly ready to implode
All the while
My head spins
Over a Simple gesture
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2021.11.29 00:37 littlebiangel Does a medusa piercing suit me?

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2021.11.29 00:37 No_Acadia_9335 Instead of Leap Year, if we had one year with 615 days every millennium, what year would it be now?

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2021.11.29 00:37 Ploopert7 USL Pro/Rel and International Schedule

USL President Jake Edwards was interviewed at halftime during the championship match. Said that USL is strongly looking at pro/rel between its leagues and also possibly aligning its season with the international schedule. Two concepts I support 100% and another reason why my apathy toward MLS continues to strengthen. What if USL is just more damn fun than MLS and all its bullshit, lower divisions and all? Count me in.
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2021.11.29 00:37 mrgfactoftheday My wife and I started to map out fun Christmas light displays in the area

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2021.11.29 00:37 Unlucky-Flower-761 of leaks‼️

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2021.11.29 00:37 chrisor97 [Xbox One] One Piece Pirate Warrior 4 XB1 - Xbox One is $21.11

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2021.11.29 00:37 Potatizator Takashi Murakami and RTFKT Studios Join For an NFT ‘Avatar Project'

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2021.11.29 00:37 Pornstar888 Just a likkle

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2021.11.29 00:37 mushypeachess Classes to improve my science gpa?

What are some classes that y’all took to improve your science gpa? Preferably those that are easier lol. I’m a psych major so a lot of my upper div classes don’t count for the science gpa and I want to improve it before I apply.
I know each college has diff classes ofc but I’m looking for a general idea
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2021.11.29 00:37 zachcsv [NG] [41] [VicAme] [psn: zachcsv] password: blood

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2021.11.29 00:37 EkkoGekko Attempting to use second screen feature on Windows 11.

I am trying to use my Galaxy Tab S7 as a second monitor for my computer. The very first time I tried; the Tablet was present in the available displays menu. But when I selected it, the tablet went black and the connection failed and the tablet never showed up in the available displays menu again.
DxDiag says this: Miracast: Available, no HDCP
And I have reinstalled my graphics driver and my wifi driver.
The computer can see it when connected via USB 2.0, 3.0, and my USB-C connector as well as bluetooth. Just not through the available displays when attempting to cast to it.
Is this a Windows 11 issue, or is there something I'm missing?
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2021.11.29 00:37 nickymaster2000 Scout and his sister!

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2021.11.29 00:37 Unhappy_Hold_3100 Upgrades for my 01 cobra

So I have a 1999 gt that I have engine swapped and put a 2001 cobra engine in I don’t want to boost it quite yet and want to see how I can get 400hp NA I heard pulleys or cams would do it looking for a cheaper option but any suggestions help
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2021.11.29 00:37 bb4r55 Chester’s first walk

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2021.11.29 00:37 Holystack Why is Pig's ambush/crouch so awful?

Without any add-on, her crouch feels borderline useless.
You can't use it to navigate around the map since she moves so slow.
Can't use it at loops since smart survivors just run to a different tile the moment they hear you crouch. That's if they didn't just pre drop the pallet in the first place.
With add-ons it feels better overall, but having to rely on add-ons is never a good thing.
Can our girl get some love? :(
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2021.11.29 00:37 bigoldickboy4 I think I know what happened with Orlando Brown.

That’s So Raven was an original Disney Channel sitcom that ran from 2003 all the way to 2007. It was one of my favorite Disney channel shows growing up and i would watch it every opportunity i got.
It had a certain vibe and energy to it along with the rest of the Disney Channel Shows during that time that i fell in love with. That being said , the year was 2005 and i was 10. Disney Channel was having another one of their sweepstakes.
“Tune in Saturday , June 18th at 7/6 central to watch That’s So Raven & have a chance to win our newest sweepstakes!“ or something along those lines. I was a child , with no responsibilities , it was summer , and i wanted to see the newest episode of Thats So Raven plus maybe win the sweepstakes.
I was definitely not , going to miss this. I waited and waited until Saturday arrived and i started watching the episode , as soon as the first break arrived the sweepstakes flashed onto the screen with loud music , bright colors and presented a phone number for people to call in to see if they are the lucky winners.
I pretty much cried out to my dad to call the number to see what happens. Basically , you would stay on the line until the 30 second timer ran out until either 1. You’d hear an automated voice say “ Ooo! Sorry! But i guess today just wasn’t the day! Don’t worry! We’ll have plenty of opportunities for you to win in the future ! “ or 2. You’d actually hear a short ringing and then a real person on the other end would greet you , letting you know you’ve won.
So you could only imagine my excitement and how my eyes lit up when i seen the timer run out and my father start speaking to another person on the phone. We ended up being 1 out of 4 other people who won this specific sweepstake event , we were given choices wether we wanted to go to DisneyWorld for a week , go to an aquarium for a day , or a cruise for 5 days.
On top of that , we’d be given a free new That’s So Raven DVD that was going to arrive that August called “That’s So Raven : Disguise The Limit.” We ended up going to DisneyWorld for a week , i had an amazing time. It was truly an unforgettable moment , and everything about it was great.
July came , August arrived & i actually completely forgot all about the DVD until it arrived to my house. My mom approached me with it and gave it to me. Time went on and i left it in one of my cabinets , I kept up with the episodes on Disney and i didn’t really see the point in watching episodes i’ve already seen and then I eventually forgot about the DVD all together.
Just a year after that sweepstakes event i lost interest in that show and i would watch Nick and Cartoon Network more instead. I got older and became less interested in TV & more into video games , i started going out more , i got into sports , i had to focus on school , and of course don’t forget the young heartbreaks but in conclusion….Life , just , happened.
The sight of that DVD never even crossed my eyes once until years & years later…. and now , i wish it never did. The year was 2013 and I had just graduated high school and i was gathering things in my room i was going to take to college with me , and of course as i was going through one of my cabinets i found the “That’s So Raven : Disguise The Limit” DVD.
The wrapping was still on it , i’ve never even opened it. Procrastination was strong in that moment & i haven’t seen the show in years , i immediately got out my portable DVD player i used to take everywhere when i was younger on road trips & put the DVD in.
The DVD only had 4 episodes , i watched and skipped around the episodes and smiled , thinking about all the childhood memories and all the things i remembered from each episode coming back to me.
It was pure nostalgia , as i returned to the main menu and was going to close the DVD player i noticed something i didn’t notice before on the DVD’s main menu.
There was 5 things you could select on the main menu’s screen “Play All , Episode Selection , Bonus Feature , Set Up and Sneak Peaks”. Maybe i didn’t notice before or i was too focused on wanting to watch the episodes but there was a sixth option below sneak peaks , simply named “Prophecy“.
I was absolutely confused , prophecy?? What was this supposed to mean? I didn’t ponder on the question too much in my head and i just went for it.
I clicked on it and for the first 10 seconds it was nothing but a black screen , but i started hearing something interesting. I heard footsteps , distinctive footsteps and breathing within the audio.
“What the hell?” i thought to myself , “what is this? Is this person just walking in a huge empty area that’s completely void of light by themselves? what is going on?” i hovered over the screen and i saw this was going on for almost 2 minutes , i also saw the entire time stamp to this media & it was 55 minutes and 29 seconds.
At that exact moment i heard the breathing from this person turn from a worried , nervous breathing to a quiet weeping , and then into a panicked heavy breathing in the matter of seconds and they were no longer walking , i could hear their footsteps turn into a full on sprint until text showed up on the screen saying , “Every individual being within this program that you are about to witness have consented to this. They are under contract.”
I froze for a second and paused it , but i clicked play once again. It opened up to Raven’s brother Cory , sitting in his room alone. He looked ….. angry. Not even the type of angry that’s obvious , but the angry where you can see it in his energy and the way he walks that he’s tense about something , he had a look of determination on his face , to end something.
There was less furniture and items in his room than usual , and it was filmed in such an odd way. The camera was not stationary like before where it would just point at his room , it was filmed in first person on a lower quality camera. Like a person just came inside his room and started recording.
Cory was just walking back and forth in his room , like he was thinking on a decision. His expression went from mad to completely furious. I’ve never seen this type of expression on his face before and it honestly made me uncomfortable.
Anyone who’s watched the show before remembers that Cory lived in the upper floor of the house , throughout this entire segment i could also hear below Cory there was an heated argument going on between two people , a man and woman , but i couldn’t understand specifically what they were saying because they were yelling in a different language that i couldn’t even recognize.
Before this scene ended i noticed the entire time there was what looked like a man in Cory’s closet. Sitting down wearing some sort of white phantom of the opera mask. I thought it was a mannequin but i saw it’s eyes follow both Cory and the person filming.
Next shot had no attractive transition , it just cut to another first person tour of the entire house , without any music or dialogue. All you could hear was the floor creaking and footsteps from the cameraman.
The most interesting part about this entire scene was , this wasn’t a show set. This was an actual house , I was taken away , but how? Where was this house?
Obviously on the show they used a set but this was an actual house with the same decoration and furniture placement. Within this scene there was not a single other person present , except sometimes in the windows you could see faces.
Faces lacking any emotion other than curiosity , not even the male looking faces had any sort of facial hair including eyebrows & their skin looked incredibly wrinkly , like they’ve been underwater for a while.
Next scene is the only scene that looks like they are on a set , and it’s the first time we see Raven and Eddie. They are at school and they’re speaking to one another but nobody else is at the school with them.
I couldn’t make out what they were talking about because it seemed like they were being recorded without even knowing. Only a couple seconds in the cameras come closer and the microphone actually comes in & they get into character.
Immediately they start talking in script , seconds after that is when Raven starts having one of her “visions” but that transition and edit that always happens , doesn’t happen this time.
instead , she stands there zoned out and a tear starts to fall down her face. She stops zoning out and immediately starts to sob and scream uncontrollably. I jumped , it was absolutely terrifying & her screaming was deafening.
Eddie tries his best to comfort her and she loses energy to stand up & almost collapses. He starts yelling to her asking “it was them wasn’t it?! it was them?!”.
He can’t even get a response out of her , shes 100% out of it. Eddie is holding her in his arms looking directly at the camera and at what i assume are the other people behind the camera.
He starts yelling at them frantically , the audio starts cutting in and out at this point and becomes muffled at some points throughout this entire time he’s irate.
Only words and phrases i could make out from watching him yell or hearing it come through were “you lied to us” “slave” and “home”. Eddie starts to cry as well , Raven looks exhausted and on the verge of passing out.
This is when the camera zooms out a little more and students actually start to walk into the shot paying no attention to both Raven and Eddie , not even giving them a gaze or stare.
Another thing i observed was that these quote on quote “students” didn’t even look American , they looked middle eastern & wore Arabian clothing.
Only thing that could make any person guess they were students was that they were inside this school shot , they didn’t even carry backpacks and some of them didn’t even look like high schoolers , some of them looked over the age of 30 or under the age of 14.
“Was this being filmed in another country?” i asked myself. I started to suspect it was because i remember in the house shot if you ever looked closely at the window when the faces weren’t there , it didn’t even remotely look like America.
On top of that even if it’s a reach Eddie when he would yell and i payed close attention to his lips , it would look like he said “country” sometimes.
This school shot went on for another minute before i noticed something incredibly strange , some of these students were other Disney stars. They would stick out like a sore thumb because of their attire and obvious familiar face.
They would just walk around and not even speak to another person within this scene , like they were an extra. I can name each one i saw , Dylan & Cole Sprouse , Selena Gomez , Miley Cyrus , Demi Lovato , Shia LaBeouf , Zac Efron , and some of them looked very young.
This had to have been shot right at or right before their huge debut or big break. Whenever Eddie even saw one of them he would yell at them saying “they are lying to you” , “they are all liars”.
At that very moment i heard a startling enraged yell come from behind the camera yelling at Eddie to stop what he’s doing. Every Single Person in that shot froze and stopped moving. All of them including Eddie had the most petrified look on their face.
The hairs on my neck and back stood up. To my surprise , this is when the supposed intro started to play. Which was way too late into the episode to even be playing , i was still trying my best to process everything i just seen that i didn’t even bother to question the lateness of this intro. If you could even call this an intro , none of the main characters were even in this intro.
These were different people who had the same outfits , body language , and posed and smiled the exact same way as the actual main characters did in the original intro but they looked like bizzaro versions of them. Each one of these impersonators had distinct and horrific facial deformities as well.
Before another character was introduced in this intro there would just be a quick shot of one of these impersonators harming themselves by cutting or biting. I was absolutely disturbed.
Text would show up on the screen with the original actors names with poor quality font , like it was made in movie maker. The theme song in the background sounded horrid.
It sounded like an animal trying to sound human and sing the song , their was wailing , horrific screaming mixed with crying and this stinging ring throughout the song as well.
It made me feel physically sick and i wanted to throw up. I could also hear a very distant laugh within the audio as well. It cut to a scene within the house , this was not a stationary shot nor a set. It was within the actual house and this was being filmed first person point of view.
Eddie was inside the house , he looked frantic searching the entire main floor of the house for something. He didn’t even look like he was acting , nor did he seem aware that he was being filmed.
Even though there was moments where this cameraman would get very close to him , Eddie wouldn’t even bat an eye at their presence.
10 seconds into his entire search he goes into Cory’s room , Cory is nowhere to be found. There is absolutely no furniture or even a sign that there was anyone in this room , only thing left was a writing left on the wall saying “We Want The Best For You” Eddie stares at the writing and his nose begins to bleed.
He drops to his knees & begins crying while saying out loud “My name is Orlando , not Eddie.” “My name is Orlando , not Eddie” over and over. A loud bang came from downstairs and Eddie immediately stopped crying.
He opens the door and goes downstairs to find Raven sitting on the couch , only for him to tap her shoulder and for her to turn around & reveal it’s an impersonator from the intro.
It was hard to look at them , not only because of their disfiguration but because they had the most malevolent and sinister look in their bloodshot eyes. The look of absolute hatred & spite that i didn’t even know a person could achieve.
Eddie backed away , keeping his eyes on this Bizzaro Raven while she sat there , opening her mouth and started screaming at him without completing or finishing any word properly. I think the person was deaf.
Eddie runs out the frame while every light within the house starts to turn off until it goes to complete darkness for a full minute , this is when the final scene presents itself.
Each impersonator of every character is within this scene , they all look like they are in an underground area. possibly a sewer?
These people began to start jumping around in circles while holding each other’s hands. In a bone chilling way while reciting certain phrases i can’t even understand due to their broken speech and possible use of a different language.
Only words or phrases I could make out from what they said together was “ahopazu” and “eímaste ómorfoi”. The disgusting theme starts to play again as well , it wasn’t even edited in the audio. it sounded like it was playing on a CD player off frame.
This is when i started to hear what sounded like Eddie aka Orlando Brown also yelling something somewhere in the background. I could not make any sense of it so i quickly looked over to my desk to get headphones to try and listen.
The minute i laid my eyes back on the screen , each individual in the shot was looking at me. They were looking directly at me , they followed my head movements with their eyes and pointed to me.
I was on the verge of tears & they let out a scream that could be heard within my entire house and I chucked the DVD player off pure instinct across the room , the screen cracked and the DVD player was damaged.
I removed the DVD and threw it in the trash. I couldn’t even sleep that night , those horrific sounds i heard and the terrible things i saw would not leave my mind no matter what happened.
I got out of bed , went to various websites and forums to discuss this specific DVD. The “That’s So Raven Disguise The Limit” DVD is still available nowadays and can be bought anywhere on the internet but nobody else on the forums or sites i discussed upon knew of this specific episode i saw at all so they thought i was trolling.
I ended up getting a message request on one forum though……This person who sent me the message request told me how they also saw this episode.
Through which means they viewed the episode they did not specify , wether they were a sweepstakes winner or some kind of early viewer i don’t know. They didn’t mention it in their message , what they did mention though left me confused and utterly chilled to the bone.
Their message stated “how dare you? you were blessed with the opportunity to dwell within our love and you went on about how it made you uncomfortable? we showed you what millions sought after but you disgraced us. i saw what you saw years ago and i am beautifully transformed into one of them now and accepted them within my heart. we will never let you go. we are constantly after you. you have no free will. you are ours.”
What the fuck did i just read? I deleted all my posts from all these places online. I begged my parents at the time to buy a new router and made up some lie about hackers being active or something.
I feared for my parents life as well as mine , I didn’t know what any of this was. What kind of force was behind this? Who could i turn to but ……. that all happened a year ago.
My parents are fine , and i’m now in college writing this. I still have nightmares from time to time about what i saw and heard that day as well as flashes of the message i received on that website.
I try my best to block off everything from that day and go about life as normally as possible. I think i may be okay now , and i hope nobody ever discovers that video.
I have one more thing to say before i finish writing this , i find it very disturbing and sad to see where Orlando Brown’s aka the actor who played Eddie in the show’s head went for the last couple years.
He would go on various social media tangents about being Michael Jackson’s biological son , celebrities actually being other celebrities , and it makes me want to tear up to even say this ……. but how people did things to him when he was younger..things that i don’t even feel comfortable typing out.
I also noticed something very strange by researching more about him & seemed to find very little information on his background , his origins within the industry or who his family is… it’s like he was just dropped into it & just appeared.
The main actress who played Raven didn’t even seem to acknowledge what happened to him. Dr Phil tried to make a mockery and use Orlando’s trauma as an opportunity for a good episode but nowadays Orlando seems to be doing better and turned to religion , his music is very good as well but i know for a fact he definitely knows something that most don’t.
He has seen a lot. I don’t even have the courage to contact him about what i saw to find out more , whatever he has surpassed i wouldn’t dare to bother him with any reminders of what was.
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2021.11.29 00:37 Far-Championship-101 [Cyber Monday] 10%OFFcode: SAVE10-£180 OneTwoFit Folding Treadmill For Home OT178- The best gifts for the new year

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2021.11.29 00:37 prateacalmar Primeiros dias morando sozinha

Pra quem já mora sozinho, como vocês se sentiram ao sair da casa dos pais? Eu me mudei sábado e tô com a sensação de estar de férias em outra cidade e às vezes até que "não sou eu" morando aqui (não tentem entender haha).
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2021.11.29 00:37 KoolioKrip Hey just wanted you guys opinion on a trade I’m considering

Jokic for butler and giddey. I have jokic
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