Say hi to my bro u/waytogoofy love u homie

2021.10.26 01:21 vantai0805 Say hi to my bro u/waytogoofy love u homie

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2021.10.26 01:21 Snoo_87758 Labs gameplay

Have all servers in us selected. Go to labs. Only other person in the server is a cheater. Die. Thanks bsg. Games for sure not dying.
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2021.10.26 01:21 followthedoe I think v2 will be November 2.

I think this squeeze will pump us nicely because SSB is pushing it hard with a new platform for leveraged trading and they will make the conversion after day one of the pump, then fomo.
What’s your guess for wen v2?
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2021.10.26 01:21 AKKS1013 Cardboard mod corrupting player data

So I have this small modded fabric server with 2 other people. My computer can't really run the server smoothly because we have nearly 100 mods and so I tried to add optimisation plugins like clearlagg and typical plugins like EssentialsX but the player data kept getting corrupted and when I got rid of cardboard mod it stopped. Does anyone why this was happening or how to fix it. Pls help.
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2021.10.26 01:21 FirmDay2280 Beginning of a New Journey on NOFAPP LESS GO BABBYYYY

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2021.10.26 01:21 uh_oh_stinky_man Facts?

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2021.10.26 01:21 Blunts_Ahoy This win got crazy

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2021.10.26 01:21 shawbaw21 I love getting to redesign good ideas I executed poorly. 1st pic is my redesign, which I love. 1st pic is original, which I did in 5 min before work. I knew the color scheme I wanted but added black at the last minute. (Why?? 🤷🏼‍♀️)

I love getting to redesign good ideas I executed poorly. 1st pic is my redesign, which I love. 1st pic is original, which I did in 5 min before work. I knew the color scheme I wanted but added black at the last minute. (Why?? 🤷🏼‍♀️) submitted by shawbaw21 to RedecorHomeDesignGame [link] [comments]

2021.10.26 01:21 ACiD_BOi The last sense of sanity i have left is fading/// i took and edited this picture a couple of days ago, my mental health has been in the ground and when i concentrated that state of mind into a picture that's what the last product ended up being.

The last sense of sanity i have left is fading/// i took and edited this picture a couple of days ago, my mental health has been in the ground and when i concentrated that state of mind into a picture that's what the last product ended up being. submitted by ACiD_BOi to Sewerslvt [link] [comments]

2021.10.26 01:21 GameHHH Would the Warriors be Championship favorites with a healthy Klay and LaMelo Ball?

Healthy Klay is to be determined. However, according to Jalen Rose the dubs told Ball that they were going to take him at 2 before the draft and they passed on him. The fit isn't ideal but talent is talent.
Curry/Poole/GP2 Ball/Iggy/Lee Klay/Wiggins Dray/OPJ/JTA Looney/Bjelica
Rookies: Kuminga and ?(they likely would have made the playoffs last season with Ball so maybe TM3)
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2021.10.26 01:21 Rusted_Ghost nice view from the trade frigate

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2021.10.26 01:21 Aromatic-Monitor-262 Bought this around launch time from GameStop for $29.99. Why is this game so expensive now?

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2021.10.26 01:21 Faerlina How many adorement slots can a piece of gear have?

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2021.10.26 01:21 kkarousios The unique G-TTNA resting at my local airport!

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2021.10.26 01:21 Miftahul65 New Friends and Daily Gifts

Looking for new friends to send and receive daily gifts.
My code is 3892-8081-1190
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2021.10.26 01:21 modkha18 Gotta love 'em colors! Taken from the University

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2021.10.26 01:21 1000Huzzahs Is it weird to compliment someone’s child by telling them they have a beautiful little boy/girl? Why or why not?

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2021.10.26 01:21 Background-Belt-2202 Have you ever been drunk?

View Poll
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2021.10.26 01:21 moranapleasingritual Can you tell me about the festivals and rituals surrounding the goddess Morana in Poland?

Have any of you took part in it? What's the festivals like?
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2021.10.26 01:21 Sagebeing You probably aren’t that small. You have been psyoped by the internet

The average penis size is 5.1-5.5 inches erect.
However, most men think it is WAY bigger. Why? Because of porn and social media.
If you are straight, the only cocks you see are your own and what’s on the internet. You have no idea what the average guy is packing.
So you look at your cock. Pretty small flacid. About 5 inches hard. Meh. Then you watch porn and see monster dicks at 7+ inches. You think “oh hey, these are only outliers, let me watch amateur porn or look at Dick picks on Reddit to get a better understanding”
Demoralized. You see all these random, amateur guys that are bigger than you. You think “shit, the studies must be wrong if all these random joes on Reddit and pornhub are 6-7 inches”.
What you fail to realize is that only people with big dicks are posting online. Porn and Dick picks online are a concentration of the top 15% of size.
So what don’t you see the other 85%? It’s because of money and shame. A big penis is a pre-req for porn. If you don’t have one, you probably can’t make much money, even off amateur porn.
Secondly, is shame. Why would an average guy with a 5 inch Johnson want to post on forums with a bunch of guys who are 7+? Conversely, if you had a monster penis, wouldn’t you want to show it off online, too?
So in short, if you are ~5 inches, you are not small. Stop worrying. No girl is going to go home with you and be like “you’re ONLY average?! Sorry, hun, but I only sleep with monsters, bye!”
Also, no one can see you penis when it’s in your pants. If it worded you that much, just stuff it
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2021.10.26 01:21 mintchoco9 Boyfriend says he enjoys our sexting video calls but doesn’t initiate them? He asks for pics of me smiling, booty pics, and such but doesn’t initiate our sex calls. Why?

Hi guys,
So long story short, my boyfriend (31M) and I (24F) have been dating for just over a year. For 5 months of it, we were doing long distance as he had to find a house to move into due to his parents moving and needing a place for all his stuff, he also wanted to settle down, etc. Things moved quick but it felt right for both of us.
Anywho, throughout the 5 months we were away, I would get shut down whenever I tried to initiate something sexy. Either he wouldn’t acknowledge it or he would get mad at me. For example, I sent him pictures of me in these sexy dresses, and he got mad at me and told me I should be studying. I tried to give him a lap dance over video chat and he just got mad at me. He liked pictures of me, and would ask for pictures of me, but didn’t like anything sexual. I didn’t understand it, and he said it was because he wanted me, but it made it hard for him because he would go home and I wasn’t there. Well, as a result, I felt unwanted and not sexy. These are my intimate pictures and you’re my boyfriend, obviously I want a positive reaction, not a negative one, right?
Well, fast forward, I realized my boyfriend has a porn addiction (it has gotten better). But also, I found out two months ago that he had downloaded Tinder and made a fake account to jack off to women. Or so he says. (Yes I was sceptical too.) I know for a fact he didn’t put his real picture or name on there, so, at least that’s one positive thing. This made me rethink the whole relationship and I considered leaving. The only reason why I stayed was because it happened over half a year ago and he had deleted it shortly after, on his own. In addition, he’s done things since then that a person wouldn’t do unless they were committed. He’s turned down jobs where he would be out of town for most of the time, and even bought a house that suits both of us, rather than just him. If he hadn’t done this, I would be long gone. If it happens again, I’m gone and he knows that.
Still, it pissed me off and it stung because I came to the conclusion myself that that was the reason he would get mad at me for anything sexual while we were long distance. He probably felt guilty. Fast forward, I’ve decided to stay (obviously) and our relationship is a lot better now. Still working out kinks but we’re getting there. Our sex life is great in person. But we haven’t done any sexting or any kind of sexual phone stuff since January. Well, since our relationship has gotten much better recently, I decided we should change that.
He works away in camp, and has a bed time by 9pm as he wakes up at 4am. We video chat every night to talk, we eat supper together, until around 9pm. I suggested that we we sex video chat (whatever you wanna call it). He said oh I’m tired, let’s do it tomorrow, about two times. To be fair, he was stressed with things. However, the other day we sex video chatted for the first time basically since we started dating. It went great, and it meant a lot to me after everything that had happened. He said he loved it and that we should do it tomorrow.
Well, tomorrow came and I asked him around 8:50pm if he wanted to play. He said no he was tired, we should do it tomorrow. I thought ok fair, it’s 8:50pm and he goes to bed at 9:00pm. Well today was tomorrow, and I waited for him to initiate. But he never did. Around 8:50pm again, I asked him if he wanted to play, he said “you got 10 minutes”. Lol.. that’s not the kind of answer I would expect from someone who wants to video sext with your gf? Sounds like it’s a burden him imo. Anywho, I started showing him my ass and then he told me I need to wake up early (to bring his truck in to a shop) and I said I know. He then said it was past 9pm, (it was 9:02pm). (He has always been very picky about his sleep and bed time.) I said, “so no more?” He said “no, you have to do this earlier if you wanna do this.” And I said, “well don’t you want to do this too? You said you liked it, why didn’t you initiate it earlier?” And he said I was talking about cats but he was the one that kept talking about them. I told him, if you hang up and finish off to porn, I’m going to be pissed. I argued a bit and he said “ok fine, you got 4 minutes.” So we continued playing until he came, he said I should take sexy pictures for him tomorrow, and then said goodnight.
My issue here, is that he says he enjoys it, that he likes it, yet he doesn’t initiate it. He is used to being with older women, so I assume maybe he is used to the woman initiating? Whereas I’m used to older men so I’m used to the guy initiating. Maybe that’s relevant? I asked him if he preferred pictures over video calls and he said he likes both. Either way, I’m looking for insight on why this is. Is he just lazy? Is he lying and he doesn’t actually enjoy the sex video call stuff and is just saying that because he wants to make me happy? Or why doesn’t he initiate the video chat stuff if he enjoys it like he says he does? I’ve decided I’m not going to initiate anything anymore. If he truly wants to do it, he can initiate it. And if he doesn’t? Well, actions speak louder than words. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. TIA
TLDR: my boyfriend says he enjoys our sex video calls but doesn’t initiate them, and I almost feel like it’s a burden to him. Yet, he asks for booty pics n pics of just me smiling and such. Why doesn’t he initiate our sex video calls if he enjoys it like he says he does?
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2021.10.26 01:21 Ares_B The old explosive glass of milk trick

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2021.10.26 01:21 MayKannoReddit mayo sleepy

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2021.10.26 01:21 ghenkhaus Puuuup

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2021.10.26 01:21 frog_666_ man on balcony

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