Ik its old but god damn🥵🥵🥵

2021.10.26 03:15 herforfun1 Ik its old but god damn🥵🥵🥵

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2021.10.26 03:15 lss_bvt_and_01 LssTest-TextPost-99146

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2021.10.26 03:15 Dear_Wrongdoer6140 Karishma Nair's (AIR 14) tips and tricks on Revision, Remembering and Time Management for UPSC prep.

Guys the most overlooked part of UPSC journey is Revision. If you don't come up with a effective and time efficient strategy to revise and remember what you study early on in your prep journey, it could be detrimental to you preparation.
Here is Karishma explaining her revision techniques:
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2021.10.26 03:15 CorginStein How to start Quest for Legendary Weapons?

Recently hit 60 and all my Quests in Great Cleave are done and the only Quests I have left in Eden Grove are the Genesis Expedition Quest and the Spriggan Arena Quest. I've been to Mountainhome but I haven't found any quests related to the Legendary. Do I need to do a few quests in Mountainhome to unlock it?
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2021.10.26 03:15 ponkeyg Seeking devil lock advice for Halloween! My tattoo to catch your attention second photo for text! Thanks

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2021.10.26 03:15 Typhon1912 Is this some high-level scam? It is in the myIT portal aswell, so its kinda is legit from UF. Anyone had that?

Is this some high-level scam? It is in the myIT portal aswell, so its kinda is legit from UF. Anyone had that? submitted by Typhon1912 to ufl [link] [comments]

2021.10.26 03:15 pythonapster Ringke Fusion Case for iPhone 13 / 13 Mini / 13 Pro / 13 Pro Max [Deal Price: $from 6]

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2021.10.26 03:15 Soggy_Document_2613 🚀PrinceShiba Next 100X BSC GEM 💎Launched on Pancakeswap | Low Market Cap | Stealth Launched | Join Now

🐶Did You missed Prince Floki? Don't Miss Here Is PrinceShiba
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🔹I aim to be 100% transparent in everything I do, I want to make this a fun project that makes history!
🔹I’d love to grow it to a point where we can donate money to dog and other animal charities, that would be a dream.
🔸The community we are building is everything to me, and the success of a token is in the communities hands. I want educated and bright people who enjoy memes
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2021.10.26 03:15 afraidanddepressed What's the status of rights being waiveable ?

Is there a popular position yet ?
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2021.10.26 03:15 vkto_ 🍈

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2021.10.26 03:15 Red-Raptor3 Halo and Star Wars crossover

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2021.10.26 03:15 lilyandbubby Figured y’all might find this interesting! I’ll put some more info in the comments

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2021.10.26 03:15 mikukomaeda Where to buy cheap BJDs that are still good?

I'm looking for some under £100 ($137.64 dollars), but not ones that will arrive broken or with a messy paint job. Where would be the best place to look, if they even exist at all? Thank you :)
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2021.10.26 03:15 battmc Trixie, mid yawn

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2021.10.26 03:15 Fast_Ad_2231 [H] Researchgate Account Lifetime-$5 [W]Paypa/BTC

Researchgate (researchgate.net) Access 130+ million publications and connect with 20+ million researchers. Join for free and gain visibility by uploading your research.
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While reading articles does not require registration, people who wish to become site members need to have an email address at a recognized institution or to be manually confirmed as a published researcher in order to sign up for an account.
You will automatically receive the product after placing an order to your email Inbox.
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2021.10.26 03:15 cyberTenzin [Discussion] Here’s my DC comic collection that I bought. Which one of these DC comics looks very interesting to you that you want to read it?

[Discussion] Here’s my DC comic collection that I bought. Which one of these DC comics looks very interesting to you that you want to read it? submitted by cyberTenzin to DCcomics [link] [comments]

2021.10.26 03:15 TraditionalGoal422 🌐SquidShibDOGE Launching today Doxxed dev low Mc only 20k Mc and huge potential project german dev is live on telegram big marketing incoming

Welcome to SquidShibDOGE Launch "Red Candle Green Candle" Will you survive and hold strong or sell in the red? Only the best traders will survive! In honor to the hyped Squidgames series and the rising star coin Shiba Inu we created Squid Shiba to get the best of both worlds. Our goal is to create a safespace for both communities to get in touch and talk and discuss about shiba inu and Squid Game. 🌐 Our project differs from the rest because it has a passionate German team working to develop a safety environment and also surrounding the token with massive promos.
🎯Future Goals -Get listed on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko -Create Squid Game x Shiba Inu Nfts -Launch of the Website -Influencer Marketing Campagne including: -Youtube video Promo -Twitter Influencer Promo -Daily reddit Posts -Community Shill raids and more ✅Key notes -Liquidity locked -Voicechat before and after Launch -Verified Contract -Fair Launch
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🌎 LP LOCKED: https://deeplock.io/lock/0xd0951ceecfa2c2984ef5039d053d2310c115e8c2
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2021.10.26 03:15 The_R3venant This dude is a fucking blast of a character

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2021.10.26 03:15 Money_These *Restock Alert* Muria (Mahina Leather/Navy Blue) | Available Now

1:14am CT | US site
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2021.10.26 03:15 PARER123 Anyone help

I’m trying to figure out how I discovered Jerma I remember seeing a clip of someone talking about giving Walmart machetes to homeless people and paying them to fight people. Somehow searching for this video lead me to Jerma.
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2021.10.26 03:15 watchyadoin000 23 [M4A] Tuesday inom

Hey there! Lf kainuman lang for tonight. Its kinda lonely drinking alone lang, I prefer having someone to cheers with. We could meet halfway or we could drink at my place since its nice and clean naman but better if u could suggest a place we could hangout. We could talk about anything or something ure passionate about, just want to chill and meet new people anyway and for us to have a good time syempre.
Abt me: im 5'7, turning 24, I can say Im decent looking naman, could be good-looking or okay to some haha hindi naman ako nakakahiya kasama lol Im generally good, clean, and safe naman so Im hoping u are too. Abt u: Nothing much. Just be generally nice lang rin. It would be hard to have a good time when ure rude. Ure not too far away rin sana so i could pick u up or drive u home if Im sober enough haha or if ure chill and cool too, u could stay for the night.
Thats all, peace out
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2021.10.26 03:15 Remarkable_Swing_961 I (23f) want to plan for the future, but my bf (23m) doesn’t

We have been together for 4 years, he is the love of my life. We are still young for moving in together but I really look forward to it, because it will give me some stability (like seeing him regularly, feeling committed to him). I live in a crappy apartment with too many housemates. He still lives at home, but he’s talking about moving on his own for about half a year. He doesn’t want to move in together before he has lived on his own. It’s fine with me, but because he does not plan and he’s not looking at houses right now, I get impatient.
My boyfriend has ADHD, so planning and thinking about the future just scares him. If I talk about living together, marriage, kids or even if he is going to spend Christmas with me, he kinda shuts off. We are still young, but I want to know what he wants, in case I want something else & we’re not compatible! It also makes me feel like the relationship is not progressing and we’re still stuck hanging out 1/2 a week like 4 years ago. It makes me feel like he doesn’t take me seriously.
I don’t know if I am being anxious because of my own lack of stability in my life. Or if we just aren’t compatible in this way.
Tldr: bf with adhd get anxious about talking future after 4 years of relationship, makes me feel like we’re not progressing.
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2021.10.26 03:15 Miserable_Loquat_245 Big ol' pickle

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2021.10.26 03:15 Boomshot79 Rick and Morty paint coming soon

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2021.10.26 03:15 Easy-Significance-78 What's one thing you wish you could fix but can't because you don't have enough money?

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